Grace Williams 33POSTS

Filmmaker Grace was born and raised just outside of Oxford in a small town called Woodstock by her single-mother. She spent much of her childhood entertaining herself by singing, playing music and acting out plays and film scenes in her loft and garage.

The Texture Of Falling

The Texture Of Falling is a muddle of a film who’s big reveal is rather underwhelming.  The plot, loosely, is about a female filmmaker named Louise

Once Upon A Time In The West: Shooting A Masterpiece By Sir Christopher Frayling

It’s taken me a long to write this review and, to be honest, I feel that this book has so much to digest I

Friends, Foes And Fireworks: Review

I've never watched an hour long special of “Neighbours”, but I can imagine what one would be like now I’ve watched Friends, Foes and Fireworks.

Green Book

I am usually quite dubious of biopics. Nothing makes me angry more than something ‘based on a true story’ and then when you read

Monja Art Seventeen

We've had Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen, Rob Brown’s Sixteen, Richard Bell’s Eighteen, and now we have Monja Art’s Seventeen. Naming your film after a person’s