Grace Williams
Grace Williams 29POSTS

Filmmaker Grace was born and raised just outside of Oxford in a small town called Woodstock by her single-mother. She spent much of her childhood entertaining herself by singing, playing music and acting out plays and film scenes in her loft and garage.

Monja Art Seventeen

We've had Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen, Rob Brown’s Sixteen, Richard Bell’s Eighteen, and now we have Monja Art’s Seventeen. Naming your film after a person’s

destroyer film

As a Nicole Kidman fan, I’ve been itching for Nicole to step out of her leggy-blonde and dowdy-mom roles for a long time. Karyn

If Beale Street Could Talk

Barry Jenkins has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the directing world after Moonlight’s Oscar win. This time adapting


Mother A mother's worst nightmare is played out with a minimalist cast and location in this gripping short film. The film follows Marta, a single

To Dream: Review

After a successful KickStarter campaign to raise money for a short film, Nicole Albarelli managed to make a full feature on only 20k with