Review: The Texture Of Falling

The Texture Of Falling

The Texture Of Falling is a muddle of a film who’s big reveal is rather underwhelming. 

The plot, loosely, is about a female filmmaker named Louise who wants to make a movie about Portland, and include a love story to highlight how great and romantic it is. As we follow her love story with a composer named Luke, another love story runs along side. The mystery couple appear to be having an affair of some kind, and the male loves to be strangled, spanked and cut with rose thorns (yep, rose thorns). 

The DOP on this film uses some interesting shots and nice use of colour… and Portland does look nice. That’s all the positives I can give this film, really. It’s one graphic sex scene and a few less acting classes away between this film and a soft porno. Although, a few people have said that about 50 Shades Of Grey, so what do I know?

The best acting is from the director herself, Maria Allred, who comes into her own in the third act playing the spankee blonde, Sylvia. It’s a shame that her best acting performance was at the end of the film, rather than consistently through it. Still, she is to be commended for writing, directing, shooting and acting in her own film.

Perhaps if she hadn’t taken on so much it might have been better? I wanted to like this film for the sheer fact that it pushed the boundaries of its actors, but the acting was so terrible, the plot so muddled and the reveal so underwhelming that as hard as I tried, I couldn’t. I really liked the use of colour to represent the saucy couples antics, but I felt that their bits could have been cut together to make an RnB music video

The moody-electro soundtrack indicates that the film is a thriller…. but is ultimately all filler (unlike Sum 41 – remember that 90s teens?). Good effort, but perhaps Allred should just stick to one job next time. 

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