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Bisexuals have always been given a hard time. Told to pick a side by both gay and straight people, labelled “greedy”, or simply erased from the narrative altogether. Treacle says a lot in a short amount of time. Within 17 minutes it explores the fluidity and complexity of female friendship.

Representation matters, and things are steadily improving. Despite celebrated small screen examples such as Brooklyn 99 (2013- ) and The Bisexual (2018- ), it still feels like a drop in the ocean.

TREACLE – TRAILER from Cat Dragged In Films on Vimeo.

Featuring writer April Kelley as Belle and Ariana Anderson as the very straight Jessie. It’s really an everyday story – what’s remarkable is that it rarely appears on our screens, at least from this perspective. There is more depth to Belle and Jessie’s relationship than the usual inexplicable female hook-up – Mulholland Drive (2001); Chasing Amy (1997); Black Swan (2010) – all directed by men.


Director Rosie Westhoff does a great deal with little dialogue, as with her 2017 short Crush. Treacle goes right to the heart of sexuality within female friendship and the difficulties that arise when boundaries are crossed. Treacle shows us that heartbreak is possible for promiscuous people too.

Friends Belle & Jessie go away for the weekend to help Jessie get over a recent break up. However lines are blurred when they a get a little too drunk and the morning after is filled with regret.

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