A Wounded Fawn: Review

Meredith (Sarah Lind) has been getting to know Bruce (Josh Ruben) for a little while now and he has invited her out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere so they can spend the weekend together. As any normal person would do, Meredith starts to suspect that there’s something up considering how their relationship has developed seemingly so quickly.

It also turns out that Meredith was right as Bruce has killed before and he’s willing to do it again. However, Meredith seems far more concerned with the spirits that she sees out of the corner of her eye which start to surround the house.

A Wounded Fawn is a Shudder original horror movie directed by Travis Stevens and co-written by Nathan Faudree. A director with quite an eclectic back catalogue already, it seems that Stevens’ foray into the more surreal side of horror may lead to mixed results.

Starting out as something rather unusual for what could have been a tense horror, Bruce’s dark intensions are revealed almost immediately. So, this means that when they are introduced to Meredith, they may think they know where it’s going. However, as mentioned, Meredith is not the typically simple-minded horror victim and as soon as she gets wind of something strange, she wants to get out of there.

This is where A Wounded Fawn pulls the rug right out from under the audience though and their expectations and subverted – but probably not in a way that would seem satisfying. That’s because like Meredith and Bruce who are so enamoured with a Greek diorama of some mythological creatures, unless you know your Greek mythology then you may be left behind.

In fact, Meredith instantly recognising Bruce’s most prized possession may be a warning sign as to what lies ahead. Because they seem as pleased as to what it is and what it represents as much as the movie does, which means if you don’t know then you either pretend that you do or you lose patience entirely.

Director Stevens certainly has a lot of ideas and is starting to show a promising career in indie horror, but in this new venture his pretentions may lose a few fans.

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