Casino-Themed TV Shows

Casino-Themed TV Shows

Casino-themed TV shows

TV shows featuring gambling themes have existed for years, and they’ve only grown in popularity. These TV shows capitalize on the viewers’ desire to watch the intensity and skill of big-stakes gambling. Many people love the thrill of watching casino players pitting their wits against each other, hoping to win a gambling game. However, nothing is more exciting than watching gamblers playing against the house. Of course, the casino dealer, in this case, is the house.

From watching casino royale to looking for online casino best payouts, there are several casino-themed television shows that encourage you to try your luck gambling. These entertaining television shows centered on casino themes include:


An American period drama, Vegas, ran from 25th September 2012 to 10th May 2013 on CBS, only running for one season. The series is centered on the life of sheriff Ralph Lamb, a former military policeman in the army. Lamb takes on the role of Clark County sheriff in Las Vegas, with his brother Jack and son (Dixon) deputizing him.

In the meantime, Chicago gangster Vincent Savino comes to Vegas while on the run and stays at the Savoy casino hotel. The drama is all about Lamb’s struggle to maintain order in the city while keeping gangsters away from the gambling and entertainment mecca. This series stars Michael Chiklis, Dennis Quaid, Jason O’Mara, Carrie-Ann Moss and Taylor Handley.

Lucky Man

The lucky man is a British crime drama broadcasted on Sky 1 from 22nd January 2016 to 7th September 2018, running for three seasons. This crime drama focuses on the life of Harry Clayton, a London-based murder squad detective who finds an ancient bronze bracelet following a passionate adventure with a mysterious woman.

After the passionate night, Harry realizes the bracelet is a lucky charm that starts to shift his fortune. However, good fortune comes at a price. As a result, he faces all kinds of problems, from relationship issues to deaths amid a crime wave in London. Additionally, it turns out the bracelet belongs to another person, who is also coming for Harry.

Lucky Man stars Sienna Guillory, James Nesbitt, Darren Boyd, Omid Djalili and Stephen Hagan.

Sneaky Pete

An American crime drama, Sneaky Pete focuses on the life of Marius Josipovic, an ex-convict. The series aired on Amazon Prime Video from 7th August 2015 to 10th May 2019 for three seasons, featuring stars like Marin Ireland, Giovanni Ribisi, Shane McRae, Michael Drayer and Libe Barer.

In this television series, Marius gets out of prison and pretends to be his prison buddy Pete to avoid paying the $100,000 he owes to a gangster known as Vince. After that, Marius starts living with Pete’s grandparents and becomes part of their bail bond business.

The series revolves around the fake Pete’s adventures trying to find bail jumpers. In the meantime, Vince is after him and starts threatening his real family for the money he owes.

Las Vegas

Broadcasted on NBC from 22nd September 2003 to 15th February 2008, Las Vegas is another American television drama that aired for five seasons. The series is about the story of a group working at a Las Vegas Casino.

Danny rises through the ranks of the fictional Montecito casino resort. As a result, the former marine works closely with the casino boss Ed Deline as the head of security. Danny is tasked with looking out for the casino’s guests, employees and other properties on the premises with his team.

The former marine deals with different problems at the casino by solving minor mysteries and crimes every week. This series stars Josh Duhamel, James Caan, James Lesure and Nikki Cox.

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