Days Of Daisy: Review

Days Of Daisy: Review

Daisy (Jency Griffin Hogan) works in a school and as she’s rapidly approaching forty, she’s still single. She goes to her doctor one day, an older man with dated views and he tells her that the clock is ticking for her to have a child. Daisy’s mother, Camilla (Cathie Choppin) is also constantly on her daughter’s back about having a child so that she can finally be a grandmother.

This means that Daisy is feeling the pressure and although things may not be going all that well in her current relationship, she finds that a new man, Jack Palmer (Bryan Langlitz) may change all that.

Days of Daisy is a romantic comedy directed by Alexander Jeffery and co-written by Paul Petersen. However, despite it being billed as a comedy it seems that the filmmakers are hoping that the laughs come from the behaviour of the characters rather than any jokes.

It’s also a bit of a shame that such a film is still being made, because the topic of a woman’s biological clock ticking feels a bit dated. The alternate view where a woman should not feel pressured to have children is raised, however it feels all too brief and only to placate people who may raise that criticism.

There is also a lot going on in the seemingly straightforward romantic comedy. Not only does the story focus on Daisy wanting a child, but there’s also a subplot where she’s arranging an art show for her students and it feels like the audience should be equally invested in this.

Then there’s the student in her class that she has an inexplicably contentious relationship with and the alternate route she goes to in order to have a baby and it all feels too much.

Not to mention that the movie feels like something made that the filmmakers think the audience would want rather than making something genuine. Between the addition of the quirky best friend, the love triangle and the attempts at conflict, it feels like the audience is being pulled in too many directions. This also unfortunately slows the pace of the movie right down to where a clean ninety minutes feels much longer than it should.

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