Exorcist Vengeance: Review

Exorcist Vengeance: Review

Father Jozsef (Robert Bronzi) has a troubled past. He’s done some terrible things in the name of the church and he has demons he finds hard to control. Then one day, Bishop Canelo (Steven Berkoff) tells father Jozsef about a house whose residents are harbouring a demon that has infected one of their family members.

So, Father Jozsef heads off to the family home where he not only finds a family dealing with demonic possession, but with dark secrets and a troubled past of their own. As Father Jozsef tries to cure the family of their supernatural problem, he soon finds that it will be easier said than done.

Exorcist Vengeance is a supernatural whodunnit with one particular element that stands out among the rather generic characters and plot. That is that actor Robert Bronzi has taken it upon himself to make himself look like 70’s film icon, Charles Bronson. So, for those who are unaware of Bronson’s work then he may just get away with it, but for those who know then it’s a weird experience.

It’s also a bewildering choice considering that Bronzi doesn’t have anywhere near the same acting talent that Bronson ever had.

It feels like the film was entirely designed in order to trick audiences into believing that there was once an Exorcist knockoff starring Charles Bronson as a gun totting priest, just so that people who initially won’t believe it will be proven wrong. However, that’s not the only unusual and frankly pointless element of the film.

Since The Exorcist was first released there have been many imitators. Whereas the special effects may have got better, the stories and basic premise have stayed the same. This is also highlighted in the film because it seems that as far as the possessed go, there’s no attempt to make them scary or do anything other than what’s already been seen before.

If you want to try and fool your friends into thinking that Charles Bronson did indeed make a subpar Exorcist movie where he wore a cross in the same way he fired a gun then go ahead. However, if you do then you’ll be wishing that it had been done a lot better.

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