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One World, One People: Falcon And The Winter Soldier

SPOILERS – Like mentioned last week, this article will be a spoiler article for the series finale of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.

Ultimately, the series finale of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ acts as closure for the lead characters.

Like mentioned two weeks ago, Sam has finally accepted a role that he should’ve taken at the end of ‘Avengers: Endgame’: the role of Captain America. And, as we see in this episode, he’s perfect for the role: His new suit incorporates the Falcon wings, making this a fantastic mixture of old vs new, but also a great costume. The wings are also more flexible and bird-like, an example that highlights this is when Sam saves a police officer from an out-of-control helicopter then shields the officer with the wings, as the helicopter crashes and bounces off the Vibranium wings. The mix of the shield and wings also makes the fight scenes interesting and awesome! The choreography for these sequences are one of my favourites in the MCU, and future fight scenes involving Sam in his Captain America suit are an aspect I look forward to.

However, Captain America wasn’t just about physical fighting: it was also fighting for a cause and working with the authorities to make the world a better place. Sam’s ability to not only work with the Senator, but also convince them of his new role and what the next steps need to be, also makes him a perfect Captain America. An aspect from his speech, out of many, that should be highlighted is when the Senator tries to explain that situation around The Blip and the homing problem is complicated and that Sam won’t understand. Sam’s immediate response to this is ‘I am a Black man holding the stars and stripes and you think I won’t understand?’ Like mentioned last week, Sam had reservations about being the next Captain America, not only because he didn’t think he was right for the role but also because of the colour of his skin. His quote also highlights that he understands what he’s taken on and that, unfortunately, some people will not be ok with the image of the new Captain America. However, they’re all in the same situation now, brought about by The Blip and that everyone needs to work together, regardless of a person’s race, sexuality or gender. This speech is also seen by Isiah Bradley, the other Super Soldier that was in the last episode and he gets closure and deserved recognition too, when Sam shows him the exhibit in the Captain America room of the museum from the first episode. This was especially a heart-warming moment and was a scene that I was glad happened; Isiah finally got the recognition he deserved, and he is, unsurprisingly, emotional and thankful for this. It also demonstrates to him that the world is changing for the better.

The finale also sees Bucky’s closure, as he finally confronts Yori Nakajima, his friend from the first episode who had unexpectedly lost his son…due to the Winter Soldier’s actions. While this is a sad scene, it also feels like an overbearing weight has been lifted, especially since Bucky has had this knowledge throughout the whole series. In the last episode, Sam essentially explained to Bucky that he was still having nightmares because, while he was trying to quickly complete tasks, it wasn’t helping him or the victims. However, Bucky gets a chance to save someone and is thanked for it. It’s a quick moment but an important one. Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes, and Bucky’s story arc throughout this series is a definite example of that. This is a part of his arc that has been desperately needed ever since ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’: recovery.

John Walker’s actions also speak loudly, if they haven’t yelled enough previously! The two important aspects to focus on his transformation as the U.S. Agent. This is an event that I have been patiently waiting for and the execution of this scene was fantastic. While Walker’s role as Captain America was a huge spectacle, this reveal is silent, calm and secret. This role is supposed to be a secret, as the role may lead to sinister actions being carried out, something that John Walker is more than capable of doing. However, he also has a chance to be a hero, even if it’s short, when he tries to stop a truck from dropping from a great height. He manages to fight against the serum for a moment, which also means he can fight against his worst traits. While this moment is an eye opener, the introduction of the U.S. Agent ultimately shows that Walker is happy to accept his negative but strongest traits.

And, lastly, my theory from two weeks ago is correct: Sharon Carter is the Power Broker. This is revealed when she confronts and, ultimately, shoots Karli. Her role as the Power Broker makes complete sense, considering her low profile throughout the series. The reveal scene may not be executed in a way that is a spectacle, but it does pave the way for some very intriguing and exciting directions for future MCU projects. Especially when the end credits scene occurs: Sharon Carter gets the charges against her dropped, just like Sam promised, and becomes Agent Carter. However, she is still the Power Broker. And, with access to government top secret documents and weapons, she’s now become a more powerful character. This, along with the U.S. Agent, new Captain America and Bucky as the White Wolf will make for a fantastic second season if Marvel choose to commission a second series.

While I’ve had mixed thoughts on ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, another series is greatly needed due to the finale. Each character’s arcs are completed in terms of who they were: John Walker is no longer Captain America, Sam is no longer The Falcon and Bucky is free of the Winter Soldier. Their origin roles have been replaced with equally interesting roles and, because these new aspects have been introduced in this series (some earlier than others), it gives the show an opportunity to go forward in an exciting new direction. Here’s hoping Season 2 happens!


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