5 Great Shows To Watch When You’re Trying To Relax And Support Your Mental Health

5 Great Shows to Watch When You’re Trying to Relax and Support Your Mental Health

5 Great Shows to Watch When You’re Trying to Relax and Support Your Mental Health

It’s important to use your downtime wisely so that you can feel your best. If you don’t spend time relaxing, then you’re going to have a hard time dealing with stress. Working too much and constantly focusing on getting things done can be exhausting, and that’s why spending a bit of time just watching a fun TV show feels so great. There are a lot of amazing shows out there that you can check out, but some of them might be better than others when it comes to helping you to relax.

Read on to learn about five great shows to watch when you’re trying to relax and relieve stress. It should help you to find some shows that you can turn to when you just need to chill. All five of these shows are good for different reasons. Hopefully, at least one or two of them will be just what you’re looking for when you’re trying to take it easy after a hard day.

1. Planet Earth

Planet Earth is one of the best shows that you can turn to when you’re just trying to relax and get ready for bed. It’s a very soothing show to watch that can be very interesting when you want to pay attention to it. For the most part, it’s a beautifully shot show that showcases all sorts of animals in their natural habitats. You can learn a lot by watching the show, but it’s also just a nice thing to have on while you zone out after a stressful day at work.

2. The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting has been the go-to show for many people for a long time. This is a show that aired for thirty-one seasons, and that means that there are many episodes that you can check out. Bob Ross is the host of the show and he paints beautiful paintings while talking in a calm fashion. It might very well be the most relaxing show ever.

You could also use this show to learn how to paint by following along with Bob Ross. Some people find painting to be a very soothing activity that helps to relieve stress. This show is still relaxing to put on in the background even if you aren’t going to be trying your hand at painting yourself. This one comes highly recommended, but there are some people who might find it to be a bit dull.

3. Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire is a good show that appeals to people who are looking for a bit more action. This is a competition show where people forge blades that will eventually be tested by masters of the craft. It’s a show that is often funny, but it’s also interesting to see the different types of knives and swords that the contestants have to make. If you don’t find this competition show to be up your alley, then you could try one of the many cooking competition shows that you can find on streaming services these days.

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is considered to be one of the best shows ever made for a reason. It’s a show that means a lot to many people, and that’s why so many like to watch it when they’re unwinding. It could be a great show to put on while you’re laying on the couch and reflecting on the day. You’ll be able to enjoy a few laughs and watch your favorite episodes from the series assuming that you have a Disney Plus subscription.

5. Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers has been one of the most ridiculous shows on cable for a long time now. The premise of four best friends competing to embarrass each other has provided many laughs over the years. Laughter is something that can help you to wash away the stress from a hectic workday. If you need to laugh and you just want to watch something that’s objectively kind of stupid (but still funny), then Impractical Jokers might be your show.

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