The Whole World Is Watching: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk

The Whole World Is Watching: Falcon And Winter Soldier - Disney+ Talk

The Whole World Is Watching: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk (SPOILERS!)

We’re now past the halfway point in ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ and, while I’ve just found the show ok overall, I can happily say that this is my favourite episode. Furthermore, this article will be discussing the ending, so there will be spoilers at the end. 

Episode 4, titled ‘The Whole World Is Watching’, sees Sam and Bucky close in on Karli, in the hopes that they can negotiate with her and learn her motivations, all while John Walker grows impatient with them.

The episode starts where the last one finished: Bucky reunites with General Okoye. The beginning of the episode was interesting and something we hadn’t seen before: Bucky’s training in Wakanda. This was only something that we saw in the end credit scene of ‘Black Panther’ so, to see more of his mind control resistance training was interesting and emotional in a sense. Because of the context of Bucky’s past, him succeeding to overcome the code words was fantastic to see. So, when Okoye informs him that she knows about Zemo being broken out of prison, it would feel like a slap in the face after everything she did for him. I hope she plays a more prominent role in the next two episodes, presumedly overlooking the lead characters so they can take Zemo in for killing King T-Chaka. 

This episode is essentially what I wanted from the last episode: Karli’s motivations and plans are explained, and she’s given more screen time. One of the best scenes is after the funeral of her guardian, where Sam talks to her. This shows that she’s a calm, logical person who can hold a conversation without lashing out. It isn’t until her plans are threatened that she’ll attack. This scene also highlights that Sam agrees with her cause, but just not the way in which she’s getting to that cause. And this, despite the end of the show nearing, is finally a decision of Sam’s I can agree with. Her plan also highlights an unexpected problem with the Blip: the major event has almost created a class divide between the people who were snapped and brought back and the people who weren’t. An example that’s given is that if someone lives in a certain house but is snapped, someone else will eventually move into that house. But, five years later, that previous owner comes back and will defend their ownership of that house because, for them, only a second has passed. The government then decided that the previous owners were still the rightful owners so the people who weren’t snapped were placed in Resettlement Camps. Like Wandavision briefly brought up, the Blip may have been a joyous event for the Avengers, but it was ultimately disastrous for the economy, housing market, relationships, etc. However, if Karli made everyone super soldiers, then they’d be no class divide. Her plan makes perfect sense, even if her methods are less than favourable.

Overall, Episode 4 was fantastic and is my favourite. Admittedly, the show has been fine with some interesting aspects, specifically the physiological aspects of the lead characters, something that was mentioned in the last episode. And, with the way this episode ended, I am now very interested to know where the last two episodes will go.

So, please be warned that the article from this point onwards will be spoilers!

The Whole World Is Watching: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk

The Whole World Is Watching: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk

So, once again, this section will cover spoilers for Episode 4 of ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’.

And the spoilers will be wholly focused on one character: John Walker. 

While I only hated this character because of the situation he was placed in (him being the new Captain America), he seemed like a good guy just trying to do the right thing so far. It wasn’t until the beginning of the last episode that we saw how hot headed he can be. And, in this episode, his behaviour becomes worse. 

Firstly, I understood his feelings towards being Captain America: he had a lot to live up to after the passing of Steve Rogers. On top of this, there was also pressure from the government and public that would’ve been a huge weight on his shoulders, as well as pressure from himself. He wants to be as good as Steve Rogers. However, he’s also hot-headed, arrogant and lacks compassion and empathy. He sees a situation in black & white/good vs evil; nothing is complex for him. Someone is either evil or they’re good and there’s no in-between point. Which, as a person, isn’t always a great mindset to have but, as Captain America, is dangerous. It would be even more dangerous if this mindset was mixed with the Super Soldier Serum, but that won’t happen…right?

Earlier, I mentioned that Karli’s plan was to change people into super soldiers and had been developing more of the serum. This is discovered by Zemo after John Walker and Bucky interrupt Sam’s interaction with Karli. As predicted, Zemo destroys the serum vials…but forgets one. Which John Walker finds and, predictably, takes it. And his reasoning makes sense, even if he doesn’t deserve the serum: He had previously been defeated and left humiliated by the Wakanda General in a fight that they easily won. So, it makes sense as to why he took the Serum. It also meant he could easily fight the other super soldiers. However, this doesn’t mean he deserves it. Because a dangerous mindset mixed with the Serum can potentially lead to a death. Which it does. 

The final scene of the episode sees Walker’s sidekick Hoskins die in a fight. Walker, seething with rage, catches up to the Flag Smasher who killed Hoskins and brutally murders him with the Shield. All whilst in the public eye, so everyone can film the horrific act. Not only is this a complete PR disaster, but it also indicates a lot of things: firstly, it’s time for Sam or Bucky to take up the shield, as Walker has now proven himself unworthy of the role. Either one of them can replace him (and both characters have done in the comics), and it would make sense, as they both had close relations with Steve Rogers. Secondly, the symbol of hope that Captain America once held is now gone: people will now know the shield as a symbol of cold-blooded murder and hatred. This is showcased beautifully in the final shot: a low angle shot shows John Walker standing tall in his Captain America suit, holding a bloody shield. What once would’ve been seen as a joyous image is now tainted and vile. 

But, because of this final scene, I am now very interested to see what the last two episodes hold. 

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