The Knot: Review

The Knot:

Geeta (Saloni Batra) and Shirish Mathur (Vikas Kumar) have a wonderful life, they live a relatively privileged life with friends, family and a steady income. Geeta even tells Shirish that they’re expecting a baby, so life couldn’t be better.

Then one night on their way home after celebrating Geeta’s birthday, they get involved in a car accident after hitting a rickshaw driver on the road. They take him in and tend to his wounds, sending him on his way, but a few days later a couple of his relatives turn up at their front door and tell them that his condition has got worse.

A chance encounter which the Marthur’s thought they could easily brush off soon becomes tense as a rift starts to come between them.

The Knot (or Uljhan) is an Indian drama written and directed by Ashish Pant in his feature directorial debut. What starts out as a seemingly happy story, soon turns fraught with drama as Geeta and Shirish’s lives change in the blink of an eye.

Geeta takes pity on the family of the man they hit and soon takes in his relatives in order to make amends for their misdemeanour. However, Shirish takes a different approach and tries to carry on with his life as his focus is more on money and their future together.

What The Knot does so well is to tell a story that highlights the differences in class and gender bias in Indian society, but never make it feel like it’s preaching to the audience. Pant’s script carefully weaves his story with small moments that make the characters question their own actions and as they do, it feels more like a natural progression than a plot contrivance.

What could have easily been a thriller or a heavy-handed morality tale, The Knot simply shows life on both sides of the fence and reminds its audience about how fragile life can be. However, the final scene does feel blunter than the rest of the film, but it’s still worth seeing so that its audience can think about their own place in life.

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