The Inheritance: Review

The Inheritance

Sasha (Natalia Ryumina) has inherited a house in her family’s home country of Ukraine, so despite the long trip and the expense, Sasha and her husband, Peter (Nick Wittman) head off to Ukraine where they can get settled in. Sasha soon starts exploring the house, but Peter has other ideas and is hoping to convince Sasha to sell the house so they can spend the inheritance more wisely.

However, during Sasha’s investigation of the house, she starts to find thing that were hidden away and soon discovers a dark history of her family that should have been forgotten.

The Inheritance is a horror mystery thriller shot in Ukraine, written and directed by Chad Barager and Kevin Speckmaier. The set up for the movie is very familiar and for those who think they may have seen it all before they may not be that surprised. However, for those wishing to see a standard thriller with elements of the supernatural and a bit of mystery thrown in may not be disappointed.

As Sasha searches the house further, there are elements which may leave the audience to believe that there may be more going on than they expected. Sasha starts hearing noises, seeing things that Peter doesn’t and she even finds physical evidence that the house is hiding secrets.

Barager and Speckmaier do indeed create a tense atmosphere, and coupled with ethereal music and moody lighting, the scene is indeed set for something sinister for Sasha to uncover.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot more to the movie that audiences haven’t already seen done before many times over. Sasha’s investigation does take her out into Ukraine so the audience may get to see sights they haven’t seen before, but the whole thing is rather predictable and formulaic.

There’s a little humour during Sasha’s journey to uncover the truth, but it’s all heading to a point in the script where characters start acting strangely and things just seem to happen to finish the story. There may be a few twists and turns along the way, but nothing that will make an audience sit up and take notice.

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