On A Very Special Episode… WandaVision: Disney+ Talk

On A Very Special Episode… WandaVision: Disney+ Talk

On A Very Special Episode… WandaVision: Disney+ Talk (Spoilers!) – Another week brings us another fantastic episode of the Marvel show ‘Wandavision’. And, by now, viewers have learnt that Wanda is the one controlling the town of Westview, and that this takes place a few weeks after ‘Avengers: Endgame’. But we’re not done with the surprises just yet!

In Episode 5, titled ‘On A Very Special Episode’, Wanda and Vision struggle with caring for rapidly growing children and Vision starts to question everything around him, leading to him confronting Wanda.

Because of the amount of information this episode provided viewers with, which may be deemed as spoilers, the rest of this article will contain spoilers. If you have not caught up with ‘Wandavision’, then be warned! 

The rest of this article will now focus on spoilers for Episode 5 of ‘Wandavision’.

So, in the plot description, the two sons were mentioned (Tommy and Billy). While it can be argued that their acting is flat and too scripted, this seems to be deliberate to reflect the tone of the 80’s style show that Wanda is now trying to replicate. However, it can also be used as a way to surprise viewers later on. At the beginning of the episode, it’s shown that they can age themselves up, like a character from the video game ‘The Sims’ and can do this at will. An example of this is when they find a dog and ask if they can keep it, to which Wanda and Vision say they’d have to wait until they’re ten years old to have a pet. The sons then give each other a knowing look before growing ten years. They’re also aware that Wanda can resurrect the dead (like what she’s done with Vision), so I think a major twist is coming up revolving around the kids. They know more than they’re letting on.

Another plot in this episode revolves around Vision, and his suspicion towards the town. This is highlighted in what is one of the best scenes in this episode, where he temporarily undoes Wanda’s spell on his co-worker Norm. This is when it’s revealed that he’s scared, and that Wanda is in his head. Not only was this a fantastic scene but it was also creepy; ‘Age of Ultron’ first introduced Wanda as a villain and she still has the potential to be a menacing villain. 

This leads to Vision confronting Wanda about what she’s doing, even exclaiming that he’s scared and doesn’t remember his life before Westview. This is a powerful scene because it only highlights that Vision is scared and confused, he desperately wants answers which his own wife won’t give him. But it also highlights how powerful both characters are when Wanda gets confrontational too. If a battle were to break out between the two, then the town would be doomed!

And to round up this fantastic episode is the big reveal that comes knocking at the end of the episode. After Vision has confronted Wanda, their doorbell rings, to which Wanda says that she’s not encouraging that. She then answers the door…and her brother is standing there! However, this Quiksilver is played by Evan Peters. 

For those unfamiliar, Evan Peters played Quiksilver in the recent ‘X-Men’ films. That were not part of the MCU.

Because Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, it now allows them to merge the two properties together. But this decision is also huge for the MCU going forward and introduces new opportunities with existing projects. For example, ‘Spiderman 3’ has been confirmed to have Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield all reprising the role of the web slinger, with rumours that Willem Dafoe was seen on set too. Furthermore, ‘Doctor Strange 2’ will also focus on multiverses. And now, with the arrival of Quiksilver, it implies that Wanda’s powers are unintentionally opening the gates to these multiverses without her realizing. In the previous episode, Dr Darcy Lewis explains that the energy that Wanda is using to create this strange reality is the same type of energy that created the Big Bang. Therefore, I think this energy is creating, or opening, these gateways. 

Overall, things are escalating, and ‘Wandavision’ has taken a ground-breaking turn. I only hope that Quiksilver will now remain throughout the duration of the show. And what will happen when Vision does discover what’s really going on?

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