Legend Of Fall Creek: Review

Reggie (Curt Clendenin) and his cousin, Tiffany (Christy Keller) are going to a Halloween party. Tiffany is excited because she’ll finally get to meet in person she’s been talking to online for months, Oswald Gacey (Alton Clemente), but Reggie isn’t so sure that he’ll be all she hopes he will be.

At the party there are plenty of Reggie and Tiffany’s old friends and new friends and everyone is having a great time. The thing they don’t realise is that Bloody Bobby has returned as the legend of his actions get talked about every year around Halloween.

Legend of Fall Creek is a Grindhouse horror movie co-written by Jen Mathiasen and Ryan McGonagle and co-directed with McGonagle by Anthony Hall. A prequel to Black Pumpkin, an 80’s inspired horror movie where it played like a serial killer slasher akin to Halloween, Legend of Fall Creek attempts to expand on the story of Bloody Bobby, although in a different setting and a different time.

However, despite the interesting and well directed Black Pumpkin (directed by Ryan McGonagle), Legend of Fall Creek unfortunately shows the supposed franchise’s intentions as it’s just a similar story with a different cinematic feel. Also, it doesn’t nearly match the detail and feel of a Grindhouse movie as Black Pumpkin did with its retro aesthetic.

Starting off in the typical fashion of a Grindhouse movie, it starts with an intro that many would have found before movies started in that era, however this is where the similarities stop.

Because besides the occasional change in filter to remind the audience of a degrading celluloid reel, Legend of Fall Creek clearly just didn’t have the budget to follow through on its promise. This is particularly evident as the events of the movie are set in 2008.

Another problem is that it just takes so long to set up the characters that by the time of the first meaningful death, the audience may have lost all interest. Although if it were going for the Grindhouse feel with the script then it succeeds, because like Tarantino’s Death Proof, Legend of Fall Creek is boring.

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