Prima Projectors: Small But Powerful

Prima Projectors: Small But Powerful

Prima Projectors: Small But Powerful – Having all your content in your pocket is nothing new now. We’ve been loading our games, movies, music and more onto our smartphones for years.

But, what if you could not only store your content in your pocket, but also have a huge HD screen, stereo speakers and Wi-Fi anywhere you wanted? Amazingly the folks at Prima has produced what has to be the most compact and powerful portable projector on out there. 

We’ve looked at projectors before, but none as tiny has these!

The ultimate cinema experience now fits in your pocket projector. Check this out – a massive 200-inch HD projection from a projector the size of an iPhone.

Cinema-quality video on any surface. Movies are more engrossing, watching Premier League champions Liverpool becomes more thrilling, and gaming is unbelievable in life-size HD quality on the best portable projector.

Just check out these stats:

  • Easily pocket this video projector, wherever you go: portable slim and as light as an iPhone 8 Plus!
  • Powerful 1080p resolution and projection of up to 200 inches, so you can watch your movies in HD
  • This smart projector has support for 3D videos and 4K resolution decoding
  • Cutting edge DLP technology makes Prima ideal in all environments
  • Operate this mini movie projector from anywhere with the Bluetooth remote
  • Connect via USB, headphone jack, Airplay, screen mirroring, Bluetooth and HDMI/MHL
  • Built-in screen sharing for Android and iOS on this mini portable projector.
  • Keystone correction so your projector can be used anywhere
  • This mobile projector has up to 3 hours of internal battery

Prima’s goal is not to create just another home cinema projector. they’re dedicated to changing the way you think about entertainment.

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