Sunny Side-Up: Review

Gregory Samuel (Hunter Davis) is a funeral director and has to deal with people every day – dead or alive. Greg does seem to prefer the company of his client’s dearly departed though as he has social anxiety that makes him question every little thing he says and does.

Then one day after a mishap at work, Greg’s boss suggests that he takes some time off from work to gather his thoughts and get himself sorted out. The trouble is that Greg lives alone and with only his thoughts to keep him company, that sounds like a fate worse than death.

Greg tries his best to stay busy, but boredom starts to settle in and that constant voice of self-doubt just won’t stop. Then he meets Emma (Samantha Marie Creed) and by her pure force of will, she eventually gets to know Greg and soon he starts to realise that perhaps some risks are worth taking.

Sunny Side-Up is a feel-good comedy drama about a lonely man who can’t cope with that nagging voice in his head that tells him everything is wrong. Effectively replicating the feeling of what it feels like to live with uncontrollable anxiety, the voiceover by Davis as well as moments of physical manifestation of Greg’s anxiety do get a little annoying, although that may entirely be the point.

With the majority of the movie being told from inside Greg’s head this may also give a perspective on social anxiety, but it may also make the audience feel sympathy for him or feel annoyed. However, Davis makes Greg a likeable person, so those with a heart will want to try and understand him better.

The only issue with the movie is Emma, Emma feels like the archetypal dream girl that only exists to make Greg feel good. She’s inextricably drawn to Greg and likes everything he likes and likes spending time with him. She’s everything that Greg’s dreamed of in a woman, but she also doesn’t feel real. Saying that though, Sunny Side-Up feels like a realistic portrayal of social anxiety that doesn’t have any easy quick-fix solutions, but instead shows that there can be a light at the end of the dark, lonely tunnel.

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