Middleton Christmas: Review

Middleton Christmas

Marcus (Duke Van Patten) and his dad, Johhny (Michael Paré) have just moved to the idyllic town of Middleton. They’re poor so Marcus sets about to find a job and soon finds himself working for a local garage. That’s where he meets Samantha (Kennedy Tucker) and there’s an instant attraction between them. Unfortunately, Samantha already has a boyfriend and her mum, the principle of Middleton High School, Alana (Eileen Davidson) is having problems as the school is in financial trouble and she may have to close the school.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who only start shopping two weeks before Christmas and refuse to even acknowledge it before December and there are those who are happy that Halloween is over so they can finally start putting their decorations up and start looking for a tree. Middleton Christmas is aimed at the latter.

Although it does seem that sometime during production there may have been a decision to make it a Christmas movie so that it can appeal to a wider audience. With barely a sprinkling of Christmas, Middleton Christmas could have been done just as easily as a drama set during any other time of the year and it certainly looks like it was filmed outside of Christmas.

With only a few decorations and a finale set piece desperately trying to make up for the lack of Christmas in the rest of the movie, it certainly won’t be a movie on your Christmas watchlist.

There are certain expectations about Christmas movies, especially those made for TV like Middleton Christmas and this one barely scratches the surface. Besides the terrible acting, predictable plot and forced expressions of comfort and joy among its cast, there just isn’t enough there to genuinely enjoy or even enjoy in a cheesy, ironic way where everybody is in on the joke.

The point of cheesy Christmas movies is that they’re so over the top that it’s funny. This one just slapped Christmas in the title and hoped for the best.

However, the biggest question is never answered; why doesn’t the principal take a pay cut to save the school? Her house looks like it’s far too big for somebody working on a school principle’s wage.

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