BenQ W2700 4K Ultra HD DLP HDR Projector: Review

BenQ W2700 4K Ultra HD DLP HDR Projector: Review

BenQ W2700 4K Ultra HD DLP HDR Projector: Review

The BenQ W2700 is the successor of the W1700, an Ultra HD HDR projector that aims to gives great performance for a decent price. This projector is aimed for home use in the living room and so it has a lovely compact design with rounded corners like its’ predecessor it seems.

With this one, all connections are neatly at the back, with two HDMIs as well as a useful USB 3.0.

Very easy to set up, I plugged in and started to test the BenQ with the gadgets I had to hand in the flat during lockdown; My Nintendo Switch (playing some FIFA, and Breath Of The Wild), MacBook Pro (to test some websites and YouTube videos), Blu-ray player (Paper Moon and RoboCop) and a USB stick with video and audio clips.

The on screen menus are very well-arranged and simple to navigate, with the necessary settings are provided for calibration easy to handle. You can also set the location of the on screen menu too, which is a nice touch I must say.

Loved the little remote too! White, with lit buttons, the included remote has a very good layout, with good sized buttons. Those buttons were a little stiff mind, but I’m sure they’ll relaxed after prolonged use.

What else? Well, according to the bumpf, the projector lamp lasts up to 4,000 hours in standard mode, 10,000 hours in eco mode and even up to 15,000 hours in SmartEco mode. That a lot of FIFA.

The Media Player for the USB was pretty decent to be fair. It played most of the clips I had on my stick, although I couldn’t get DivX videos to play. No worries though. Everything else seem to play fine. Even subtitles, Ultra HD or HDR files were no problem. Audio was smooth and happy with mp3, wma, aac and FLAC. 

The built in speaker wasn’t great. External Speakers is a must.

The images projected on my wall were fantastic, hitting rich and vivid colours. Alex Murphy taking names in RoboCop looked beautiful up there even in the darker scenes. If needs be, plenty of options in the advanced menu to adjust brightness etc where there. Paper Moon is a lush black and white film and the W2700 handles it very well indeed.

Playing FIFA and Zelda from the Switch up on the wall was a treat! The light output was great, even in ambient light. The HDR options came into play here and you can see the difference.

I’m not projector expert, but The W2700 is a great projector that won’t break the bank. Its HDR is a great feature and the overall design is neat and modern, making it a good choice for a living room or media room.

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