Look At Me: Review

Look At Me

Look at Me is a short film that tells a story of three people and how their lives interconnect with each other. Although perhaps a better description is that it’s about two people who should have been less concerned about their own lives and helped the third.

A young woman (Hadley Robinson) is at a subway train platform when she sees a man sitting on the steps, his body hunched over and it looks like he’s drooling. She calls the authorities to ask for advice as to what to do and as soon as she knows that the EMTs are on the way… she gets on the train and leaves.

The audience is then shown life from the perspective of the young man on the stairs. His name is Alex, (John Gargan) he lives with his family and like most young men his age he is desperate to fit in and to be popular.

As Look at Me’s story progresses it becomes clear that Alex is the one that the audience should be looking at, not only because of the state in which he is left in a public place to fend for himself, but because of the underlying issues that led him to that subway platform and for him to sit down on those stairs.

The story that writer/director Nika Fehmiu is telling the audience is that the way the we are today is that we are all far too obsessed with ourselves to really care about those who may need serious help, medical or psychological and it’s very effective. In such a short time, Fehmiu’s directorial debut lays out the important characters and instantly makes the audience feel sorry for Alex.

This is either because they recognise his behaviour in themselves, they’ve seen it in others or they remember the way they used to behave themselves, so Alex’s story becomes a tragedy because it seems that not enough people care – if any at all.

Look at Me shows the audience the way a lot of us are today and even at the time of writing, the audience may have to be honest with themselves as to whether they would be the one to reach out and help someone or whether they’d think of themselves first.

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