9 Most Inspirational Movies Every Student Should Watch

9 Most Inspirational Movies Every Student Should Watch

Inspirational Movies Every Student Should Watch

Students go through a lot while at school. So, it is normal for students to seek extra motivation from whatever that is available. This article gives you the option of movies as a place where you can get that extra juice to keep going. At times, you may not have enough time to watch movies.

On such occasions, however, you can always count on the essay writing service to help you with your assignments. This will give you enough time to watch some of the 9 inspirational movies we have here. 

Dead Poet’s Society

If you are looking for a movie that will remind you why you need to pursue what you love, then this is it. In the movie, Robin Williams encourages his students not to conform to the status quo. He introduces them to new ways of viewing life and living for themselves, not other people. There are some sad moments in the movie as well. One such part touches on the issue of parents forcing their children to pursue careers they do not want. As the movie indicates, going against the grain is not a bad thing. See life the way you want to see it and not the way other people see it. Well, this is by far one of the most inspirational movies of all time.  

Good Will Hunting

This is a movie about a person who is not aware of the true extent of his gifts. You could be having talent but not know the full extent of its use like Will Hunting. The inspirational message from this movie is that you should never count yourself out. Everyone has something that may not be visible to them. So, this movie asks you to keep looking. 

The Social Network

This is a movie that tells students that they can be anything they want to be in life. This movie offers details about the life of Mark Zuckerberg. It gives viewers a background story of the now billionaire founder of Facebook. Mark’s story is a success story and is among the rarest and fewest in the world. However, anyone can manage to replicate his methods. A great movie about success and one that challenges students to also go after their dreams. 

Freedom Writers

The main message from this movie is that one’s background is no hindrance to one’s success and dreams. The students in this movie go through a lot at school and at home. Their families are dysfunctional and some are in gangs and living dangerous lives. However, their teacher is able to show them that they are more than what their ‘hood’ says. By far one of the most inspiring movies for students who could be dealing with similar situations. Nothing defines you, not even your background. 

The Pursuit of Happyness

If you are struggling at school, this is a movie that can be of help to you. It is not a movie about studying but of not giving up in life and in everything else. The main character in this movie starts out as a salesman who sleeps on the subway. However, in spite of the obvious circumstances, the man strives for what he believes in and ends up rich.

Well, it is obvious the man is intelligent, so, a helping hand from cheap resume writing services could help him get a job. A great resume can help your chances. However, know that life will throw a few challenges your way. But, this is not a good enough reason to quit. Keep trying, and seize the opportunities that come your way. 

The Great Debaters

There are always people in our lives who encourage us to work hard, push ourselves, and to never quit. Well, this movie is about a teacher who is such a pillar and a rock for his students. In spite of their unbelief in themselves, the teacher managers to instill a belief in them that is unshaken. This is a perfect film for studying. 


Well, the way the math professor uses the students is not ethical and good. However, there is another way to look at this movie. All the students are brilliant. The professor is well aware of this and thus uses them to make himself rich. At times, it is important to trust yourself, and not let others (even if they are above you) dictate your life. If you have a gift, work hard and make use of it in an ethical way. 

Theory of Everything

This is a movie that showcases the life of a man who beats all odds and achieves what no one ever has. Stephen Hawking is still one of the greatest physicists of this era. He overcame doctor’s predictions that he will live for two years. And even while living with his condition, his contributions to the fields of cosmology and physics remain profound. This is by far among the top five motivational movies for students. 

Lean on Me

This movie details the life of a teacher who goes back to his former school. The teacher finds out that the school’s performance is not as grand as before. So, he sets out to change things. His efforts help to hold the movie together while also lifting one’s spirits.

In conclusion, it can be difficult to find time to watch a movie or two. However, movies can be a way to keep you going. Whenever you lack the time to watch one or two, do not forget to contact essaykitchen.net. This platform will help you with your assignments and leave you free to gain some inspiration from any of the inspirational movies above. 

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