A Thread Of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy – Review

A Thread Of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy

A Thread Of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy – Review. By Heidi Sharpley.

I’ve really struggled to watch this true crime movie-length documentary and write an objective review.  I’m a parent and the content is just so upsetting. Anything to do with kids being harmed really disturbs and distresses me. I can’t seem to put a constructive review together as this movie doesn’t help solve any of the issues it raises. 

There have been countless retelling of ‘true crime’ stories with the purpose of hoping this never happens to any other family again.  But these tragedies keep occurring. What’s the point in watching?

In short, Jennifer and Sarah Hart plotted to drive their six children off a cliff in to the Pacific Ocean in a murder suicide pact.  They succeeded.   This documentary claims to peel back the layers to show why they did it but the only reason seems to be they were about to be investigated for (and perhaps finally found guilty of) child abuse.

Pull at the thread of deceit and you’ll discover the broken communication between child support systems in each state of America.  While researching the Hart family, I discovered Jennifer and Sarah Hart had been reported to child welfare official in three different states.  Conveniently, they moved on from each place of residence for a fresh start.  No further action could be taken within those jurisdictions.

I’m also discovering I can’t be objective about this movie as I’m judging the family friends who have been interviewed.  I keep questioning how feeble they are.  Were they all chasing the dream life of love and harmony so deeply that they couldn’t see through the facade the Hart parents projected through highly curated images and videos on social media and when out in public with these kids?  

Who am I to judge them?  Would I be able to spot the difference between a genuinely loving family or a child so desperate to please their abusive parent that they smile in public and clung tight for a much needed hug when one was available.

The courts entrusted Jennifer and Sarah Hart to provide a refuge for six children from the drug addicted households of neglect they were born into. You would have thought two women who had studied eduction at university would make perfect parents.  Were they just evil?  

Markis (19), Hannah (16), Devonte (15), Jeremiah (14), Abigail (14), and Sierra (12) deserved so much more than what the broken system delivered.

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