The Big Movie Trailers To Check Out

The Big Movie Trailers To Check Out

Big Movie Trailers To Check Out: Listen here y’all, we have had some pretty crazy releases recently, and some pretty great sneak peeks for movies coming out in the near future. Since we have already spent some time mourning, it’s time we started celebrating some great news coming in from the world of Hollywood and the rest of the popular culture. I mean, these trailers have got m as excited as they have a kangaroo getting into a brand new opening of an Aussie casino.

Although, I do have the benefit of knowing what I am excited about while the Kangaroo might sot of hanging out, kick a couple of people and then bounce. So, here are four of the trailers that got me to be jittery this week, even though some of them came out a bit earlier in the month, and also a bit of reasoning about why they got me more active than a kid overdosing on sugar. 

El Camino 

A breaking bad movie. Yes, this is the movie that was announced a while ago and then nothing was said about. We are about to get the story of Jesse Pinkman after the ending of the big Breaking Bad series. And we all know how good the series was, so why wouldn’t we be excited about the movie? The trailer even has Skinny Pete as the main character (of the trailer, not the movie) talking to the cops and reminding us how much terror Jesse had to go through before he was able to get his freedom. 

El Camino means the way, so we are definitely going to be seeing the way Jesse takes, no matter where he is going. The poster that was released is also in no quiet terms telling us that the guy is probably still in the desert somewhere, as the car on it is leaving behind quite a trail of dust. But hey, all speculation aside, I am just happy to see that we are going to get to see Jesse be in action again, and get to see some of Aaron Paul’s acting chops in full swing one more time. 


I am always one for a little it of Science Fiction, especially when the Science Fiction seems to be showing the potential to be pretty good. The big director of the film has produced two before this, the Signal and Love, both of which had a positive reception among the general public. This one though seems to be much bigger than the previous ones as it has a huge budget of 60 million USD. What is more, the cast is showing a lot of potential. And hey, I know Hollywood blockbusters tend to be a hit or miss for some people, but I expect this underwater science fiction movie to show a lot of things to excite us.

Now, only if the trailer revealed a little bit less about the story within the trailer, I’d recommend you watch it. As it stands, I feel like the trailer might ruin the movie just a little bit, so why don’t you stick to the movie itself when it comes out. Although it is a little weird to see TJ miller back on screen, I am not sure what to make of that. I guess Hollywood has some short term memory issues as of late. 

Ad Astra

Now we can get to talking about some pretty huge science fiction. The trailer for the movie is pretty crazy – seems like we are getting another one of those three-hour films guys. This one is set in space and this time, our Southern American Accent wielding actor will be Brad Pitt. Exciting, I know. Well, the trailer does not tell me much of the story other than there will be a moon rover chase and some guns fired in space, so, I guess that’s something to be interested in.

Whatever this movie ends up doing, I am curious about how it works out. It at least looks gorgeous, with the big main actor not being the only gorgeous part of the film, but with the directing and the Aesthetic of the film being something that makes it stand out among its current peers. 


This one had the best trailer out of the four films we are talking about here, simply because the trailer seemed to take an uninterrupted sequence from the film itself. Bombshell is the story of the sexual abuse case against the Fox News director at the time, and it is going to be exceptional, or at least it seems to be so far.

The big trailer did an exceptional job of capturing the tension that the film is seemingly going to have throughout it, and it is in no small part thanks to the stellar acting within the film, which is brought to you by some of the best actresses of this generation. I mean, you are getting Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie acting their hearts out for a film for one of the biggest scandals that has ever engulfed Fox News. This is going to be great. 

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