Game Of Thrones: Surviving The End

Game Of Thrones: Surviving The End

Game Of Thrones. The winter is here and we are all desperate. More desperate than ever because it looks like the ending of the entire series is not going to be as satisfying as we hoped, especially if you look at how low the ratings of the actual season have been: some of the lowest in the history of the show. And the reasons for this are many – people feel like the show has abandoned what it has been about for a long time.

They feel like the writers are no longer interested in writing a story that is good or interesting but are rather dedicating their time to working through the show to get to new projects that they are more excited about instead of, you know, finishing one of the greatest television shows in the history of television. But alas, life is what life is and sometimes the card we get dealt (all millions of the fans around the world) are not what we hoped they were.

You just gotta work with what you have, and in the case of what we have right now, we should figure out a way to survive the coming winter. So here are a few suggestions to all of you fans of the Game of Thrones series and all the fun associated with the show, hopefully you find them to be good enough to survive the long, coming plague where we don’t get anything Game of Thrones or a Song of Ice and Fire related for years from now. 

Game of Thrones content 300

If you are one of those people (like me) who will be missing a whole lot of game of thrones lore, content and stories that have been filling your life up over the past few years, then I have good news for you. The first piece of good news is that GRR Martin has not just been sitting on a chair and not doing anything over the past few years instead of writing the last two books of the Song of Ice and Fire.

He has, instead, been writing spinoff books, or to be more accurate, prequel books. The first of these is Fire and Blood and it is really good. Set in the same world, except much earlier, the book explores the events that took place three hundred years before the first book and the continued events of the Game of Thrones.

And if you are not necessarily a fan of reading the lore-heavy books that GRRM writes (can’t blame you, those can be pretty dense) then you should get excited about the fact that the book will soon enough be made into a TV show of its own. And yes, the book is pretty thick, so there should be enough or a couple of seasons. Although, whether it is enough to fill the seasons up meaningfully, we are not sure. What scares us is the prospect of the book not being done justice, just like two of everyone’s favorite showrunners are seeming to be doing right now.

And if that does not seem to be good enough for you either, there are many other prequel and spinoff stories that GRRM has written, based in the same world. Like the Dunk and Egg novellas that he has been publishing over the years and that is to be part of a series called the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. And there is so much more to read that he has published so you might not need to worry about running out of related materials any time soon. 

Game of Thrones games 300

If you are not one to be reading any new lore and watching any new shows and are instead interested in the other entertainment that has been provided to you over the years with the help of the show, there is that as well. Specifically, we are talking about games. Many fans have been participating in death pools or basing their adventure Role-playing games in the world of the Game of Thrones for a long time now, and they might feel a little deprived of the fun if they don’t get to participate in the fun again. Thankfully, capitalism understands our desire to have everything Game of Thrones related, which is why they have given us some fun stuff to play around with. 

The first thing to mention is the Game of Thrones board game which has been updated many times over the past few years. The game is one of the most involved strategy board games available out there. Being a mix of settlers of Catan and RIsk, it provides a group of friends with hours upon hours of fun and rivalry. If you ever wanted to participate in the game of thrones, this game would be how you would go about participating in the full-scale war aspect of it.

If you were more of a deathpool person, who liked taking their chances with the world and risking a little bit of money while you were at it, you might find something a little more gambling-related more interesting to you. You are lucky – Game of Thrones has been used as a theme for many online real casino slots games over the years. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Australia or anywhere else in the world, you will have the opportunity to play these games and enjoy them.

If you are more of a physically involved person, then you might want to consider battle reenactments. There are currently some happening in Australia, where people will get together, dress up as GoT warriors and start the battle. Although this might be only in Australia for now, this trend will be spreading around the world soon.

A new hope: the final books 

And if none of that interests you, and all you want in your life right now is the end of the story as GRRM intended, then I have some good news for you. Recently, Ian McElhinney, the man who played Barristan Selmy in the show, confirmed that the final two books A Song of Ice and Fire are written and that GRRM is simply waiting for the show to end to release them. This is because of the deal that he struck with the showrunners, where he promised he would not be getting in the way of the show with releasing his books. So he has been sitting on the books for a while now. 

And while we are not entirely sure whether to believe this or not (rumors are known to hurt, and expectations are known to be ruined), we are still pretty hyped about this. Over the past years, we have gotten used to the idea that the books might not be released for many years and maybe that even GRRM would not be alive by the time they get released. If the books get released, it does not matter to us how unsatisfying the show will be in its ending, we still get to read the real ending, and everything will be good (even if bittersweet and sad).

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