Out Of Focus: Review

Out Of Focus: Review

Sean Gonet directs and stars in Manchester based police thriller ‘Out of Focus’.

There is a serial killer on the loose who has just claimed his latest victim, and Detective Jack Parker (played by Gonet) is determined to stop him. His superior, DCI Phil Brooks (Paul Wilson), is equally at his wits end, and bends the rules slightly in order to allow Parker to tail their most prominent suspect.

He gives him 48 hours, risking both their careers and their safety in the vain hope that it will lead to the capture of this monster.

The police drama has long been a television favourite, holding huge followings of people gripped to the screen at every unfolding episode. Out of Focus beautifully compresses all of the most tense, most nail biting moments of the genre and places it in a compact 25 minute short. Set in Manchester, it’s eerie, subtle, and menacing, and will have you riveted from start to finish, leaving you unsettled in the best possible way.  


Cinematographer Colin Thomson brilliantly captures the streets of Manchester, especially vibrant when lit only by lamp posts and car headlights. The most palpable tension and atmospheric imagery is created in the night time scenes, and Johnson provides shadow and light in all the right places, providing a admirably authentic crime drama feel.

The script is minimal but effective, providing dialogue only when necessary but the rest of the time leaving it up to the imagery to provide its depth.

The film’s mood is perfect, and it will have audiences on the edge of their seats, with a feeling of impending doom that is difficult to create so effectively. Out of Focus is an understated, subtle and brilliant piece that show great promise for a young writer/director.

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