Top 10 James Bond Movies

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8. Thunderball

After the evil organization SPECTRE hijacks two nuclear warheads and holds the world ransom, it’s up to Bond (Sean Connery) to travel to the Bahamas to save the day. The movie is chock full of amazing scenes including some classic Bond card playing, a massive underwater battle at the climax, and a jetpack! There’s just something about Bond being in the Caribbean that works.

7. Dr. No

Following the loss of one of their agents in Jamaica, M16 sends Bond down to investigate. This was the first film of the iconic series and should hold a dear place in any true fans heart. Connery delivers some epic one liners while showing how cool smoking, drinking and womanizing can be. This movie not only launched one of the largest film series of all time, it catapulted Connery into Hollywood stardom. We also get the introduction of SPECTRE, which became a pillar of the Connery films.

6. The Spy Who Loved Me

Following the capture of their nuclear submarines, the British and Russian governments send their best agents off to Egypt to investigate. Here we have Moore teaming up with Barbara Bach as the gorgeous Russian spy, Anya Amasova, aka Triple X. This film was easily Moore’s best, and it features some of the most famous aspects of the entire series, including the introduction of Jaws (Richard Kiel), the Lotus Esprit car chase, and the opening sequence that has Bond skiing off the side of a mountain. This one is a ton of fun and rarely slows down.

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