Casinos Featured In Movies That You Can Actually Visit

Casinos Featured In Movies That You Can Actually Visit

Casinos Featured in Movies that You Can Actually Visit

Movies use several props and situations to light up the screens for their ardent audience. There are a number of ways that movies tend to add glitz and glam to their screenplays and mesmerize those who look forward to the releases with bated breath. A feature that pushed quite a few headlines in the entertainment industry in what we know as the Roaring 20s was the motif of casinos.

Movies that were set against the backdrop of the 20s often featured casinos to showcase the extravagance of the American life. Then we saw a series of films like the James Bond franchise, where too, casinos kept making silent appearances. The life within the walls of the casino had quite a lot of entertainment to offer. The portrayal of these casinos served mainly two purposes in the films that made them a part of their scripts.

One, to uphold the bacchanalian spirits of the city life and two, to allow the characters in the movies, an escape from their morbid screen lives. And to those of you, who always wondered whether the casinos shown in the movies are a real place, you have come to the right place. We are going to enlighten you on all the casinos featured in the movies that you can actually visit. 

The Mirage:

The Mirage was featured in the movie Vegas Vacation that released in 1997. And just like the name suggests, the casino is located in Las Vegas. Vegas is a city that we all know as the hotspot for gambling and glam casinos. And though, the city has been long replaced by Macau as the gambling capital of the world, the frenzy circulating the casinos in Vegas remains the same. And soon after the movie released, people started rushing into the casino, and that has remained the trend even to this day. 

Caesar’s Palace:

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas has been the show-stealer even before it featured in the movie The Hangover that released in 2009.

 Situated on the western side of Vegas, this place stands tall among the many other casinos in the place. Caesar’s Palace has a beautiful architecture and offers the best gaming experience and some super-spacious hotel rooms. Thus, even if you are not in the mood to hit the floor and indulge in some casino games, you could always sit back in the room and play at a credible online casino like the

The Bellagio:

The Bellagio too, is located in Vegas and made its appearance in Ocean’s Eleven. The storyline revolves around a few thieves who pull off a casino heist, and this was the casino that they had targeted for the job. Quite normally, the casino shot up to fame and people started frequenting the place. Plus, if all the talk about the movie has not been enough to get you to visit the casino, maybe you should visit the casino just for the grandeur of the building. Ocean’s Eleven is considered as a classic and what better than visiting a casino that featured in a classic movie?

Planet Hollywood Casino:

The movie 21 features the casino and in a way that is every Blackjack fan’s delight. The plot revolves around card counting in Blackjack, and thus, every person who is even slightly interested in card games must visit the casino to see how the entire plot materialized in the same casino. Keeping the movie aside, the casino also has several tables and slot games that shall keep you entertained during your visit. Therefore, do not miss out on this casino, come what may, if you are to unleash the latent gambler in you at the Blackjack tables.


The ones that we have mentioned in this article are some of the best casinos that you can consider visiting. Plus, they also made successful appearances in some of the timeless movies and continue to do so even now when movies involving the trope of casinos are made. Casinos can never go out of style. And Las Vegas, the place where these casinos are located shall always be a gambler’s delight. Therefore, if not for the love of gambling, visit these casinos for the love of Vegas, because Vegas never disappoints.  

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