6 Directional Debuts Of 2018

By Vinod Kathayat.

Every year we see a lot of directional debuts but few of them turned out to taste the success of their unique distinctive style. In fact, you possibly have enjoyed these movies without any doubt as many of them are niche independent films gaining critical acclaim. This year’s debutantes had done quite a job with their skills, ended up making 2018’s finest film and also had strong opening weekends at the box office.

Well, this is 2018 and we have seen many blockbusters this year and so much yet to come but out of these, we are mentioning some of the best directional debuts which received very well by critics and as well as by audiences.

So, here we go…

6. Blindspotting

Director: Carlos López Estrada
Carlos López Estrada, a music video and commercial director make fabulous debut this year with comedy-drama film Blindspotting. The film gets critical acclaim on its world premiere at 2018 Sundance Film Festival for its direction, acting and the writing part. As the duo of Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs did most of the work by writing, producing and acting.

The only thing they gave up on the direction and hired Estrada. Estrada showed exactly what the Casal and Diggs wants, the life of two friends in Oakland dealing with issues like race, gender and police killings in America.

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