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nae pasaran

In our current climate, filmmakers and creatives are taking the opportunity to highlight the doom and gloom that is raining down across the globe. Spike Lee and Jason Blum are showing us results of the human race turning against each other and Charlie Brooker is showing us a potential (yet so real) world where we’ve all gone completely bonkers! What a joy it is then, that documentary filmmaker Felipe Bustos Sierra’s debut delivers a pearl of a film that highlight the greater good of us humans.

The film tells the inspirational story of Rolls Royce factory workers in Scotland who, in 1974, refused to carry out repairs on airplane engines used in Chile’s violent military coup.

Sierra films in both Chile and Scotland, interviewing the factory workers themselves, survivors of the Coupe and ex-air force members. Along the way, he plays back interviews to other interviewees and captures intense emotion.

Despite some CGI moments which go against style and tone at points, the no thrills lighting and sound compliments the story. The archival footage and photos are quite remarkable and the fact Sierra has managed to include so much makes the story richer.

There’s no high stakes, no over-dramatisation of what’s going to happen next. The events that play out during the production are as engaging as any fictional drama. Not only is Sierra director and interviewer but also connects both countries. The moments where the survivors of the Coupe are thanking the factory workers via pre-recorded footage is a real tear-jerker.

The film highlights a very important part of global history and what true humanity is. Plus, it shows filmmakers everywhere that if they’ve got a good lead and a passionate team, you can produce inspirational and engaging film.

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