Best British Gangster Films

British Gangster Snatch

Sexy Beast (2000)

Ray Winstone, whose picture is probably under every dictionary definition of the word ‘cockney geezer’, and the always captivating Ben Kingsley, star in this incredibly underrated Brit-ish (a good portion of it is set in Spain) gangster flick.  Gal (Winstone) is an ex-gangster trying to enjoy his retirement from the profession, until the brutal Don Logan (Kingsley) recruits him for one last job. Sexy Beast is a rare breed of film that encapsulates you for an intimidating 90 minutes, making you unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Layer Cake (2004)

Before he was Bond, Daniel Craig was a cocaine dealer…in Layer Cake. Apparently it’s hard to retire in gangland, as Craig’s character soon finds out. On the verge of early retirement, he gets roped into two last assignments which prove to be more convoluted than originally planned, even for a man of his expertise. One yellow Range Rover, Michael Gambon, Sienna Miller and a young Tom Hardy later, Layer Cake ends up with some of the most memorable scenes in modern British cinema. If you go in to it expecting Spectre, then you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting a gripping 105 minutes that leaves you breathless, you’re in luck.

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