Walk The Walk, Hollywood Style

Walk The Walk, Hollywood Style

With movie award season in full flow, hundreds of the world’s hottest film stars will descend to the Royal Albert Hall this Sunday for the biggest event of in the British film industry – the BAFTAs. As well as the big unveil of this year’s winners, the walk down the red carpet is always one of the most hotly anticipated, show-stopping moments of the big night – but sometimes for the wrong reasons, with the big entrance being one detail many actors forget, or fail, to master.

Maintaining grace, style and a sense of fashion are at the top of every attendee’s priority list, meaning it’s vital that the world’s top actors, directors and producers alike don’t make a hash of their entrance. And when getting out of a fancy car in a glamorous frock or gown, that’s easier said than done…

Ahead of the BAFTA’s this weekend, comparethemarket.com’s Award Season Red Carpet Etiquette guide – which takes inspiration from aeroplane emergency exit cards – provides a step-by-step how-to guide on mastering the infamous car exit – a hotspot for mishaps – and own the red carpet. The guide also includes advice from fashion blogger, Pandora Sykes, who shares her own top style tips on how to steal the show over the awards season, helping those lucky enough to attend the ceremonies rock the red carpet.

Dan Hutson, Head of Motor from comparethemarket.com said: “We hope that our definitive how-to guide will save many of Hollywood’s blushes ahead of the BAFTAs this weekend, where their entrance can be as newsworthy as their acceptance speech. Knowing the best ways to get out of the car and walking the red carpet may seem like an obvious art to master, but history suggests there’s more to it than meets the eye! Getting these simple steps right is one way for today’s stars to avoid a red-carpet emergency, and make the headlines for all the right reasons!”

How to steal the show, whilst remaining blooper-free? Well, read on….

By fashion blogger, Pandora Sykes (http://www.pandorasykes.com)

Thus far at the 2018 awards seasons we’ve seen a lot of black, thanks to the Time’s Up initiative. It started at the Golden Globes and is set to continue at the BAFTAs (though not The Oscars.) It’s not just what you wear, now; it’s why you wear. Black doesn’t have to mean dull, though – quite the opposite. A dramatic, formal hue allows the details to do the talking. Feathers, dramatic splits, sheer panels are all worthy contenders. Think of Tracee Ellis Ross at The Golden Globes in a one-shouldered black taffeta gown and matching taffeta head wrap – she looked sensational.

When you say ‘red carpet’, you’ll likely think of a pouffy frock. But don’t forget about fuss-free tailoring. Clare Foy wore an utterly plain double-breasted black suit to The Golden Globes and looked brilliant, with her slicked back bun, porcelain skin and bright red lipstick. Simple can often be best, particularly if you prefer simple cuts.

Bustiers might sound terrifying, but time and time again they prove themselves an elegant red carpet decision. Think Gwyneth, accepting her Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love in 1999, wearing a ballet pink Ralph Lauren gown. There’s something sensual, in an entirely non-provocative way, about the collar bone. Plus, everyone’s good a got collar bone. Fact.

You can do all the planning and prep possible when it comes to your jewellery and outfit, buy don’t forget that you actually have to move in your black tie. Opt for a dress that isn’t too tight (if it’s too loose, you can always pin it; too tight, and you’ll be in agony as soon as you sit down and unable to enjoy the awards) and remember that renownedly tricky move: exiting the car and entering the red carpet. Various starlets have proved over the years that wearing underwear is, ahem, vital for this bit. Exit one leg at a time, drawing yourself up to your full height before stepping out with your other leg. Think, Julia Roberts in Notting Hill – and glide. Have your bag ready in your hand, so you don’t need to bend over into the car to grab it. After all, you never know where a pesky pap is lurking. And finally: smile!

Remember, less is more. A big pair of sparkly cocktail earrings are a sure-fire scene stealer, but when paired with an equally large choker and a diamante-strewn gown, the effect can be eye-watering. If your hair is up and your dress is strapless, a big necklace will look divine. If you’re going for loose hair and covered shoulders, try some dangly earrings. And don’t forget to think about your bag. A small and elegant clutch is a great option, but double check it fits your Smartphone in before you leave.

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