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There’s a new streaming service in town and it’s curated! Hoorah. But wait you say, aren’t all the streaming services curated. Well no, not like Filmstruck. The tagline is only great films leave you Filmstruck and at the launch party last Wednesday they explained why Filmstruck is going to be where it’s at.

Filmstruck is a joint venture between Warner Brothers Digital Networks, Turner International Digital ventures and in collaboration with Curzon independent cinema chain. It is available across all forms of devices and tablets thus to enable to the viewer to watch it anytime and anywhere.

What sets this streaming service apart is that it is curated so, gone are those days where you spend ages flicking aimlessness through the list of films. At Filmstruck, the list of films is much shorter and targeted. There are those that you’ve heard of like American Psycho, Magnolia and then others that might be new to you such as British cult classic – Archipelago.

American Psycho.

American Psycho.

At the press launch, it was clear that this is a different take on what feels like a saturated market, There are indie classics, British classic and given the partnership with Curzon there will be a decent selection of world cinema available something currently lacking on the other streaming services. It will cost £5.99 a month or pay the annual subscription fee of £59 and as a bonus, you’ll receive two months free.



The UK is the joint venture’s initial launch market in what is planned as a multi-market roll out over the next two years. The service will launch in the UK first as FilmStruck Curzon, in collaboration with the iconic independent cinema brand.
For film aficionados and enthusiasts alike, FilmStruck’s on demand service features a highly accessible and regularly refreshed selection of critically acclaimed films from across the decades, unlocking the stories that captivated audiences upon their release and which continue to resonate today. The service has a carefully curated Themed area, selected by film experts, to optimise discoverability and introduce ‘new’ titles to curious audiences.

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