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Indecent Proposal, 1993

Roulette is arguably the most absorbing and enthralling game there is to be found at a casino, even online where you can grab the Sugarhouse Casino Bonus.  It is therefore of little surprise that the game has been successfully infiltrated into Hollywood movies. Below are some of the most famous roulette spins in Hollywood history.

Casablanca, 1942

There are few films that can match the might of Casablanca. Released in 1942, this Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman film has stood the test of time, over 70 years later and the movie is still revered. The iconic roulette scene is by no means pivotal to the film but nonetheless it is still one of many people’s favourites. Casino owner, Blaine (Bogart), comes across a young female Annina in his Casablanca (Morocco) resort. Annina tells Blaine about her and her new husband’s, Jan, attempts to relocate to America. All they need is the money to pay a corrupt police official, which Jan is trying to acquire via the medium of roulette.

Upon hearing the news, Blaine heads over to the roulette table to find Jan down to just three chips. He asks Jan, “Have you tried 22 tonight?” Doing as he is told, Jan puts his last three chips on 22 and wins, Blaine tells him to leave his winning chips there again. Unsurprisingly, Jan is again successful, now having enough money to move to the States. Blaine brusquely tells Jan “Cash it in and don’t come back.” It is clear that Blaine rigged the roulette wheel and because of that it immediately adhered him to the audience’s heart. Sadly, Blaine is probably the only casino owner to ever rig a wheel in favour of the punter.

Run Lola Run, 1998

German film Run Lola Run won accolades left right and centre. The 1998 film had three runs, all of which depicted differing alternative storyline endings but all centring on Lola’s relationship with criminal Manni, who has lost DEM 100,000 and has just 20 minutes to get hold of it. In the final run, Lola makes the inspired choice to venture into a casino, buying a DEM 100 chip. Placing the chip on number 20, Lola wins. Allowing her bet to ride she wins again, eventually leaving the wheel with DEM 129,600, enough to pay off Manni’s debt. However, upon meeting Manni she discovers that her beau has found the lost money, but plenty of other bizarre anomalies have happened in the meantime.

Indecent Proposal, 1993

Borrowing from, but going off on a different tangent to, Casablanca is the 1993 film, Indecent Proposal. The Demi Moore film begins at a roulette table in Las Vegas with married couple, David and Diana, looking to win big and start a real estate development. They stake on red and lose, ending the roulette part of the film and setting up the couple for the indecent proposal, which they accept. Unlike Casablanca, where the young couple won and therefore could reject the sexual advances of the corrupt official.

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