BRWC Exclusive Interview: Randal Edwards

BRWC Exclusive Interview: Randal Edwards Talks Entanglement

Randal Edwards helps make up a great ensemble in the new drama Entanglement. We speak to the Canadian actor about mixing it up with Thomas Middleditch in one of the most talked about indie films of the year.

Most Canadian actors usually end up cutting their teeth by doing the rounds of the locally-produced shows in Vancouver, be it Smallville, Supernatural, The X-Files, The Flash et al.  Did you do the rounds of the shows too, starting out?

Yes, Smallville and Supernatural were, I think, the 2nd and 3rd jobs I ever had. They’ve employed a ton of Vancouver actors.

Any highlights among those TV shows you did?

Honestly, I was just so happy to have booked a job I didn’t care what I was doing!

Was there one that really helped kickstart your career?

A: I booked a lead on a teen drama called “The Best Years” in Toronto off of a self tape from Vancouver. Up to that, I don’t think I had ever played a character that had an actual name.

The role of Ray in The Killing, I imagine, would’ve been a bit of a dream gig? What can you tell us about working on such a memorable, commercially successful series?

A: You’re totally right, it was a dream gig. It’s not often we get to work on such high quality  projects. The writing, acting and directing of that show were absolutely incredible. I learned a ton on that show watching Mireille and Joel work.



When did the indie film work really kick in for you?

A: I started to get indie work right around my time on “Package Deal”. That job seemed to open a lot of doors

Did the role in Room, opposite Brie Larson, open a lot of doors film wise too?

A: For sure it did. I think anytime you’re involved in an Oscar nominated film people will give you chance.

Indie films. What do you feel are the benefits of doing a film like Entanglement or Swinger’s Weekend, over something studio-driven?

A: Freedom for sure. When you do a film like Entanglement or Swingers Weekend you’re signing up for a collaboration. You just get a lot more say in who your character is and the journey he or she goes on.

Audiences are much more appreciative of independent films these days, too – – why do you think there’s been somewhat of a wind of change against studio fare and more anticipation for quality indie films?

A: That’s a good question. I’d have to say that independent films are just way less predictable. They don’t have to follow a formula because realistically there’s not nearly as much financially at steak.

Randal Edwards

Randal Edwards

Entanglement. What’s it’s magical ingredient? Why are the critics going nuts for it?

A: Great writing, directing and wonderful performances from Thomas, Jess and Diana!

Entanglement is now screening in US theatres and available on VOD.

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