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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Yet another special guest FiLMiX for you, we have Francesco from Italy, otherwise known as Bluesky or BlueskyBeats, Toba Suzuki and many other names. He makes beats with almost every software and hardware available. He’s now using Ableton 9 with his SP404 sampler.

The mix: all tracks by Bluesky unless otherwise stated.

I Can Die Right Now
Time Is Fleeting
I Told You
Higher Shit
I’m In Love
Make It Last Foreva
Mina – Quasi Come Musica
Hold On
Can’t Find It (Can You Feel It)
Can I Get A Kiss

The film –

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

We had a quick chat with him too –

When did you start producing and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started producing hip-hop beats eight years ago, back when I was 16  I was doing rap and writing lyrics.  At a certain point I felt like making beats for the rapping.  I was also a revolutionary kid with revolutionary ideas but I was still groping in the dark, I was the kind of kid that would argue a lot about things I felt were important and I have always been an outsider.

I started rapping because I felt an affinity listening to rap beats and songs played under basketball videos and I was caught by the sound, but I started rapping first, the beats came later.

My first influences in music making were from everything I listened to: Sangue Misto, Neffa, Club Dogo, Inoki and also DJ Premier, J Dilla, Madlib and 9th Wonder

What makes music and film interesting for you?

It’s funny because I just downloaded the Hans Zimmer’s masterclass joint and I have still to see it all, it’s about film scoring.  I think that music in films is pretty dope because it comes almost an unconscious influence on the spectator and listener that watches the movie. It influences you indirectly.

What do you usually start with when preparing for a new track?

Basically it’s just a matter of spontaneity for me.  I always go by instinct and feeling, nothing is overthought.  My relationship with thought is that of friendly advice that I get from nowhere but I tend to be rooted in my feelings.

If it sounds right in that moment that is the ultimate, I don’t have any other criteria, it has to be good for the mood I am in, it is very contextual.

Great FiLMiX by the way.  Why did you choose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless as your film?  Are you a fan?

I choose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I think it’s one of the most generational movie for me and it is a timeless piece of art.  I instantly thought about it, it’s a trippy film and I like that type of thing.  Also the music in it it’s just fantastic, I mean if you know Jon Brion you would like to listen to that tune over and over again.

What films are you into?  What are your favourites?

I really was into film back then, especially the nightmare season but later on I dropped out of film because I was not able to enjoy seeing a screen passively without drifting off.  My favourite movies are The Matrix trilogy (I have also done a tribute mix for it back in the day)

Also Fight Club, movies from David Fincher, David Lynch, Kubrick..

Do films influence your producing at all?

What influences me most now is spirituality and philosophy and obviously listening to all the great tunes that the internet provides.

Your mind is blown by the majestic possibility of inspiring songs and albums.  Being a sample based producer I really take total inspiration from what I listen to.  By the way many beautiful movie scores are just perfect for making dope beats, it’s a perfect resource for making music!

Anything coming up in the future?

Firstly, thank you for the opportunity it’s been really a pleasure being interviewed by you, for your blog!  I’m now releasing song after song without a straight rule, I’m just letting my audience know what I’m doing day by day, but I suggest you listen to my last concept tape: Rose EP.

Also stay tuned to for new releases, I’m just overflowing with new music, every day there is something that you can pick up for listening!

Again really appreciated the FiLMIX thing, it’s just been beautiful.

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