Good Behavior S2 Premiere Date: 16 October

Good Behavior

Life on the run gets messy and dangerous for Michelle Dockery in the second series of the hit drama  

Award-winning actress Michelle Dockery will be back on the bad side when she returns as thief and con artist Letty Raines in the hit drama Good Behavior, as the second season launches exclusively in the UK on Virgin TV on Monday 16 October – premiering in line with the US

The first season launched on Virgin TV earlier this month, offering TV fans an exclusive binge-worthy boxset to get their teeth into. The much-anticipated season 2 airs next month, with a new episode available on the Virgin TV platform every Monday for 10 weeks. Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney, Lusia Strus and Joey Kern also star in the seductive drama, which was created by Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch.

Whilst the first season of Good Behavior centres around Letty, her past, her love interest with Javier (played by Juan Diego Botto) and her quest to reunite with her son Jacob, the second season sees Letty and Javier try to create a normal life for themselves and Jacob.  However, the sweet taste of normality slowly fades as Letty goes from bad at being good… to good at being bad.

Good Behavior is Virgin TV’s seventh exclusive UK launch, and follows in the footsteps of hugely successful box sets of Ash vs Evil DeadKingdomMagic CityBilly & BillieFull Circle and more recently, Imposters. Virgin Media now boasts an exciting library of exclusive programmes – all available for Virgin ‘Full House TV’ (previously known as XL TV) customers at no extra charge.

Good Behavior, along with all Virgin TV Exclusives, is available on demand through the Virgin TV V6 or TiVo boxes as well as on mobile devices through the Virgin TV Anywhere app available on iOS and Android.

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