BRWC EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Birdsall Interview

BRWC EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Birdsall Interview

Tracey Birdsall will play Hitler’s daughter in her next film! We spoke to the award-winning star of Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter about her exciting new role in The Time War!

When did The Time War get up?

The script was born in 1995, but it’s been through numerous variations and re-writes. We started shooting it prior to Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, but it kind of morphed since – became a behemoth of a film. The shooting days and the additional scenes just go on and on… we have far surpassed the shooting days on Rogue Warrior, which says a lot!

And, contrary to what people might assume, it’s not about the clash between digital and analogue clocks!  What can you tell me..?

Haha! It’s a time travel film, so it’s set in various times back to World War II. Adolf Hitler is traveling through time in order to re-write history, and his genetics, to take over the world. It’s an interesting story as we take many facts from history and weave it into our story (Adolf Hitler really did experiment with time travel, and with the concept of genetics to name a couple.)

Assuming there’s more to it, and possibly a big twist, that you can’t reveal?

So many twists! Again, like Rogue Warrior, The Time War explores the human condition within the story – not a common thing to do in science fiction. Instead of the regular one or two big twists in this film, there are about 20 – each more shocking than the last…

Do you continue working on the script as you film? Do you keep adding moments you never planned on?

Any good story continues to grow and expand. In the near future, we will have to stop shooting and go into post-production, but it won’t be because we couldn’t keep going… A story this epic has daily additional ideas. It’s just that at some point soon, we will have to stop. We became so obsessed in the making of this film that we actually had to split it into two! The prequel will be released after The Time War, and was basically the original film before it grew up, got darkly serious, and grew wings.

How does this project compare to Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter – if at all?

The Time War is a completely different animal from Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter – very few similarities. Of course, a couple of the actors are the same, albeit not in character. The characters and tone are to an opposite extreme if anything. The Time War is not only sci-fi, but it has elements of deep drama, time travel, horror, and twisted darkness.

What does the movie have to say about Hitler?

He’s simply a character in the film, depicted as the deeply troubled power hungry leader that he was. The storyline takes over to show a darkness and purpose to his hungry soul, with his daughter (Dijanne, which is my character) being his nemesis and his demise. Although that sounds like a spoiler, it’s not!

The Time War

The Time War

What message do you want to get across through it?

This is in no means a documentary!

Whose story – as in ‘character’ – in the film do you find particularly interesting?

My character fascinates me and boggles my mind due to the complexity of playing a role with so many different versions of herself (due to time travel). It’s been a true lesson in focus – a challenge like nothing I’ve ever been faced with.

When do you expect we might see it?

Early to mid 2018

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