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Last week my friends and I decided to go and see the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie. On the day, we decided to do a Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) film and TV marathon. We started off by binge watching the first two seasons of the always hilarious Parks and Rec, hate-watched Jurassic World, and then turned our attention to the awesome, Guardians of the Galaxy. With our Star-Lord lifesize cutout as our personal man-cave guardian, we started thinking: Star-Lord is great and all, but Gamora can kick some serious ass. So who in the Galaxy would win in a fight? Star-Lord, or Gamora. Should I keep my lifesize celebrity cutout of Star-Lord, or consider investing in a new Gamora one as the new man-cave guardian.

After far more hours than a group of 30-year-olds with lifesize celebrity cutouts should possibly argue for, we broke the fight down into specific attributes.


‘A fight begins in the head, not the fist.’ So, the intelligence of both characters has to be considered a factor. We couldn’t see much difference in the intelligence of either, neither seems to outwit the other, nor seems to make particularly complex decisions. So, this round is a draw.

Star-Lord 1 – Gamora 1


Combat Ability

I have a lot of respect for Star-Lord, the man has gone through some serious adversity. But Gamora is literally a living weapon; trained under the watchful eye of Thanos, pitted in countless bouts with her sister Nebula without ever tasting defeat. It goes without saying, Gamora is definitely the combat expert. This round has to go to Gamora!

Star-Lord 1 – Gamora 2



Both of these characters have gone through some hard times, there are even some similarities, though the biggest …they are both orphans. Star-Lord was plucked from his planet by an alien ship, whilst his mother died of cancer, whilst Gamora bore witness to her entire family being murdered. Both have faced death, both have lost family, but Gamora’s story is a little more extreme. Thanos was the one that killed her family, upon doing so, he forced her into a life of servitude under him. Somehow, her will to live is strong enough to keep her going. To me, this shows true resilience. Gamora takes this round.

Star-Lord 1 – Gamora 3



You could be Bruce Lee or Mohammed Ali, but at the end of the day, the greatest fighters are those who show the most heart. It’s tough to define exactly what ‘heart’ is, but I suppose it’s that deep burning that you have inside of you that pushes you to greatness. Gamora is an incredible fighter, arguably one of the greatest in the MCU, but it doesn’t matter how hard you hit punch Star-Lord…he keeps getting back up. He showed it in numerous fights in the Comicverse and throughout the Guardian’s of the Galaxy movies. For me this round has to go to Star-Lord himself.

Star-Lord 2 – Gamora 3


It was a close battle. Both of these fighters are great, but it looks like Gamora just about takes snags a victory here. I’m going to have to trade in my lifesize celebrity cutout of Star-Lord in for one of Gamora.


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