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By Mitchel Baker.

Fan Theories are incredible golden nuggets that take much loved stories and make you look at them from a slightly different angle. Characters become more than you first realised, seemingly insignificant coincidences start to add up and most of all you get a great read. Following the crazy trail a fan theory takes you down is often almost as fun as the original story and your final destination is very often a place of disbelief and often of hope that the theory turns out to be much more than a piece of genius from a fellow super-fan. At Paladone we love films especially ones with cool movie gifts and merchandise, so we have put together some of our favourite fan theories for you to have a look through below.


We love Disney movies at BRWC!

We love Disney movies at BRWC!

There are many theories around how various Disney films are connected and how characters from those different films are linked – one such theory is that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s younger brother. The theory is that Anna, Elsa and Tarzan share the same parents. During Frozen, Elsa and Anna’s parents leave on a ship, and as some theorists believe were going to the wedding of Rapunzel. As part of this theory it is believed that Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa’s cousin which is why they came from Germany to attend Elsa’s coronation.  As seen in Frozen the ship was caught in a storm and Anna and Elsa’s parents did not return.

It is possible that the parents however, did not die on the ship but made it to an island. The island where Tarzan is set. Instantly there are continuity issues such as the ship in Tarzan being on fire, which is still possible as whilst the ship in frozen took on water, we never saw it sink and in the midst of a lightning storm the ship could easily have caught fire. Of course, the biggest problem with this theory would appear to be that Tarzan, who was on the boat at the beginning of the Tarzan movie would have to have been born during the voyage to be Elsa and Anna’s brother. It is also very possible that the child is not Anna and Elsa’s parent’s but was on the ship with them and they rescued and raised him, until a leopard killed them and Tarzan was taken in by gorillas. This would make Tarzan Anna and Elsa’s adopted brother in a roundabout way.

Whilst this theory may seem farfetched the continuity issues exist only on the screen. When stripped to its bones as the base story there is no problem and whilst the visuals may not match up perfectly it is to be expected from films made 14 years apart especially when they were not created in chronological order or with the initial intention of being linked. The concept for Frozen wouldn’t have even been conjured up when Tarzan was released. When ignoring that Tarzan was on the boat at the beginning of the film the plot falls together nicely which when talking about films created so far apart we can forgive the minute potential plot hole caused by the short opening scene in which Tarzan is lowered from the burning boat after all the movie is just one interpretation of the story.

Further connecting Frozen to other Disney movies is the idea that the ship from the shipwreck at the beginning of The Little Mermaid is the same ship that Elsa and Anna’s parents were on, which is an intriguing concept since Frozen was created over two decades after The Little Mermaid 

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