Review: Napoleon

Napolen is the 1927 silent film masterpiece by Abel Gance. It tells the story of Napolen from a young boy until his stunning victory over the English. It is epic in subject matter and length at 330 minutes running time. This a film to marvel at and a delight for the ears with a new score by Carl Davis.

The story needs little to no introduction. Napoleon Bonaparte born in Corse, who leads France to glory against the Italians leading to a creation of a new republic. Along the way is the revolution and terror la guillotine, Franco-Prussian war, Napoleon’s formative years at school and later his military prowess and then as the old adage says – the rest is history.

Even if you have never watched a silent movie or are not a fan of them – this is worth seeing. The score is sublime but even without all the camera trickery that exists today, Abel Gance was still able to capture action that will leave you asking how was that possible. I love words and dialogue but I was completely engrossed in the story that I didn’t even notice it was silent.

Napoleon will be released across cinemas in the UK on 11 November and then on DVD and Blu-Ray on 21 November.

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