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In Remainder the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. In this film from writer/director, Omer Fast, based on the best selling book by Tom K McCarthy reality and fantasy merge leaving the viewer to draw their own conclusion as to what really happened.

Tom (Tom Sturridge) loses his memory after he’s involved in a mysterious and unexplained accident. His whole purpose during the film is to decipher what remains and how he got to where he is.

If you don’t enjoy films containing lots of flashbacks then stop reading now. Also if you hate being shown the end of the film at the beginning then this isn’t the film for you. Remainder is, and I hesitate to even compare the two films, a very low rent version of Memento without the great plot, narrative and emotions you feel. It is glossy and there are some interesting moments but on the whole it fails to engage.

On watching what happens to the central character, my thoughts were when is this going to end. Notice, I didn’t use the word how. I felt no empathy towards any character in this film. This type of story has been told before in much more interesting ways. A film needs a plot that weaves its way throughout, it doesn’t have to be traditional but there has to be a plot, and this film doesn’t appear to have a discernible one.

Remainder was released on DVD on 24 October.

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