The Most Talked About Boxsets Of 2016

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Roku and have revealed that Games of Thrones, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead are the boxsets driving the highest level of online conversation in the UK this year*. With 38% of 18-34 year olds admitting that they would say they’d watched a movie, TV show or sporting event in order to feel included in a group **, tuning in to these Top 10 Most Talked About Boxsets will ensure Brits everywhere can truly be a part of those watercooler conversations.

The revamped Top Gear, popular UK gangster drama Peaky Blinders and US hit show Orange is the new Black also made the Top 10.


Gossip rank Boxset Number of times Brits tweeted in 2016
1 Game of Thrones 1,096,034
2 Doctor Who 946,977
3 The Walking Dead 428,115
4 Top Gear 415,175
5 Stranger Things 189,292
6 Peaky Blinders 184,581
7 Orange is the New Black 157,045
8 Supernatural 147,826
9 The Night Manager 97,362
10 Happy Valley 80,337


And now that the Wuaki channel has launched on Roku, there’s no excuse for missing the biggest and best shows because, together, Wuaki and Roku have you covered.

What Brits are saying about the Top 10 Most Talked About Boxsets:

  1. Game of Thrones       

With its sixth series launching, the resurrection of John Snow, and rumours rife for series 7, Game of Thrones reigns supreme in the Twittersphere. And the best news? All series are available through Wuaki, which has just launched on Roku!

  1. Doctor Who

Despite the last series coming to an end in late 2015, Doctor Who fans (Whovians) just can’t get enough of it. Fuelled by plot rumours and cast changes, Whovians continue to feel the love for Doctor Who as they re-watch and re-live series online.

  1. The Walking Dead       

The Walking Dead series 6 well and truly had the shock factor, bringing it in at number 3. From Carol’s cookies to Carl taking a bullet to the eye, fans were incensed and took to Twitter to air their shock, awe and horror at the latest developments in the American horror series.

  1. Top Gear  

The hugely controversial show has caused heated debate on social media, with fans sharing their views on Chris Evans and Matt Leblanc, the latest presenters to get behind the wheel.

  1. Stranger Things    

Heralded as one of the best new shows on TV, Stranger Things has more terrifying twists and turns than a figure of 8. This Netflix original kept Brits well and truly on the edge of their seats, and with all episodes available through Roku, it’s the perfect series for a Sunday streaming session.

  1. Peaky Blinders

Grief-stricken and risk-taking, Britain’s favourite Brummy gangster, Tommy Shelby, continued to hook fans and drive online conversation with his wild ways in series 3.

  1. Orange is the New Black

OITNB hit back with a vengeance in its latest series, upping the drama on every level and causing emotional turmoil for fans throughout the UK.

  1. Supernatural       

Fans were gripped to season eleven’s highs and lows, and Supernatural kept Brits guessing, subverting from its usual format and ending on with a triumph this time around.

  1. The Night Manager

Tom Hiddleston as The Night Manager’s protagonist set pulses racing and fingers tapping on Twitter, as the British public became obsessed with the BBC adaptation of John le Carré’s novel. If you managed to miss it first time round, Wuaki’s got your back, with the series available in full.

  1. Happy Valley

Another BBC classic that the British public just can’t get enough of, takes the tenth spot in the UK’s most talked about TV shows. The latest trials and tribulations of Catherine Cawood, one of West Yorkshire’s most strong-willed police sergeants, see her implicated in a string of murders, and whether you loved or hated her one thing is for sure – you were tweeting about her!


*Netbase used to analyse tweets from UK-based Twitter accounts

**Consumer survey of 2,824 adults (18+) conducted by MACRO, Inc. on behalf of Roku

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