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Idris Elba stopped by the Absolute Radio breakfast show this week to speak to presenter Andy Bush about his new film Star Trek Beyond. While there, Andy asked Idris about the possibility of a Luther film and he admitted he and the creator of Luther, Neil Cross have been in talks about the logistics of putting a film together.

When asked about the current state of politics in the UK and the Brexit result, Idris stated that although it comes as a wakeup call to both Britain and the rest of Europe, we are watching democracy in action and the vote is a celebration of our freedom. Idris went on to talk about the uprising of people power, whether people are taking to the streets to protest police violence or pushing through the Brexit vote, he believes we are starting to see the emergence of people taking politics into their own hands.

Known for his love of cars and driving, Andy asked Idris if he would ever consider taking on the Top Gear presenting gig to which Idris said he would love to. Idris revealed a secret love of real estate, and said he would also be interested in taking on the Homes Under the Hammer presenting gig if he could do it part time. Finally, Idris is quite a well-established DJs these days, playing gigs in Ibiza and across the UK but back in the day he used to play on a pirate radio station under the name Mr Kipling. When asked where their name came from, Idris revealed a cheeky story about how lothario ways earned him the name as he ‘had more tarts than Mr Kipling.’

Idris on a Luther film… ‘The last two episodes were defo part of the TV show, the movie is wishful thinking, I’d like to see it happen we have talked about it, Neil Cross and I, and thought about how we’d make a movie, so hopefully we will get there one days but at the moment it’s still for TV.’

Idris on Brexit… ‘We’re looking at the wonderful word what is democracy, this is what happens here, we love it because it is our freedom, it is our right to be able to say what we want and vote and I think it’s a wakeup call. I think it’s also a wakeup call for Europe and the union which is that. 2016 generally has been a crazy year, upheaval and new beginnings. England has seen a new beginning and we’re all scratching our heads.’

Idris Elba on people power… ‘a long time in the world, we looked towards government for leadership, and now we’re looking at people power. Literally seeing people saying we’re going to stand up for this, whether its firearms in America’s police or in this country whether we decide to stay in the European Union or not that’s people power and the shift is happening.’

Idris on his old DJ name… ‘Mr Kipling, the story goes, legend has it, I got that name because apparently back in the day I was one with the ladies and someone said to me “Idris, you got more tarts than Mr Kipling.”’

Idris on becoming a Top Gear presenter… I honestly would loved to have done it, but I haven’t got the time if I’m honest, and I’m better than the Stig so what would they do? It would be awkward beating the Stig every week.’

Idris on taking on Homes Under The Hammer… ‘I do like a bit of real estate, I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of that, but only part time.’

Idris Elba | KISS

Idris Elba | KISS

Idris also stopped by the KISS FM studio this week where he revealed exclusive details about his directorial debut, Yardie. Idris said he believes the adaptation of the classic book by Victor Headley will be Britain’s version of Goodfellas, he is set to begin filming next year but was very coy about whether or not he will be starring in the flick himself.

Idris on Yardie… ‘I’ve been developing the book, it’s a classic, a couple of years ago I got the opportunity to turn it into a screenplay, and we are really close, hopefully gunna go into directing that next year. I’m very nervous about it because it is a classic, but Yardie for me is going to be our Goodfellas. It’s a story about a kid who gets deeper and deeper into hot water. There’s going to be a lot of music, big sound system culture represented in it. Any actors I’m asking to be in it I’m asking for them to grow their hair out for about 6 weeks.’

Idris on being in Yardie… ‘All will be revealed’

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