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It’s been a few weeks since Legendary announced that Edwards will not longer be a part for the Godzilla franchise. Choosing to direct the upcoming Star Wars Universe prequel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Edwards is reportedly interested in returning to smaller features, much closer to his groundbreaking Monsters than the box offices smashes expected from both Godzilla 2 and Rogue One: Star Wars Story. To me, this is a bittersweet story. Monsters rates amongst my favourite films. It’s beauty and grace were exceptional’ a very touching picture. Yet, for me, Godzilla was a masterpiece, mixing what Hollywood wanted and needed almost seamlessly with what made the Toho films so great. Godzilla was a spectre for most of the film, and much like Gareth Edwards’ Monsters,the focus was on Godzilla’s impact, not their destructive power. Yet, the notion of Edwards returning to smaller features has me exited for whatever is to come next! Honestly, Iwish he could do both, but unfortunately, I can’t have my way.

We don’t know yet who’ll be directing Godzilla 2, but we do know some of what is to come. Godzilla 2 is set to hit screens on March 22nd 2019; but not only that, Godzilla is set to face off once more with Kong in Godzilla Vs Kong in May 2020 following Legendary’s acquisition of the character and the release of Kong: Skull Island in 2018. Not only that, but it has been confirmed Legendary have obtained the rights to Mothra, Rodan and Ghidora, meaning that more of Godzilla famous foes will be hitting Hollywood in 2019. It’s exciting times for this crossover, and I can only hope that have the power and might of Edwards’ Godzilla.

Either way, with the release of Shin-Gojira in Japan this year, it’s exciting times for Godzilla fans.

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  • Avatar
    last.caress 2nd June 2016

    Good Gojira movies are almost as rare as good Bigfoot movies, which themselves are more scarce than actual sightings of Bigfoot. 🙂

    For me, Edwards’ Godzilla could’ve used more Bryan Cranston, but that may be because I secretly believe that EVERYTHING could use more Bryan Cranston. Say my name? You’re Goddamn right!

    • Alex Cole
      Alex Cole 5th June 2016

      Nothing wrong with a bit of Cranston love! I agree though, could have done with a bit more to the characters, but then…when did Godzilla ever have that :p


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