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Brought to you from the growing mind of Oliver Park Vicious, is a frightening short that has the ability to truly terrify. Returning home, Lydia (Rachel Winters) suspects she isn’t alone and as night rolls in; the terror begins.

Released a year ago, Vicious was quickly picked up by 6 of the best horror festivals, winning 6 awards, including the Gold Award for ‘Best International Film’ at Toronto After Dark Film Festival. This buzz surrounding this short is not without reason. The camera work is fantastic, creative and creates a true air of suspense that few films manage to replicate. It isn’t a natural scream fest, but instead accurately depicts the confusion and freezing fear that just feels much more realistic than the gore and violent screaming that covers mainstream horror.

Whilst there is very little to be critical of in Vicious, I hate to say it, but the ‘realism’ of the final scene, simply because the make-up looks a little bit like make-up, overall I find it hard to find fault with this film, except for certain attempts to open doors and escape which left me screaming, ‘turn the bloody handle and it might work!’. Rachel Winters, otherwise puts in a mind blowing performance. Her fear seems real, with just a hint of curiosity. She reacts like the ‘everyman’ that she is and isn’t a hero. Too often my nerves are tested tested by the constant presence of a marine or navy seal to save the day, or even just extraordinary and unrealistic fighting skills from your average Joe instead of the flailing arms you’d probably get from me. It’s refreshing to see someone battle a ghost alone and be truly, truly terrified.

This is a truly fantastic example of short horror and receives an enthusiastic endorsement from me, to add to the 5 stars BRWC gave Vicious when it first came out. Well worth checking out again and for those who haven’t seen it, see it!

Vicious can be found HERE!

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