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When an Octopus like artificial being takes a huge chunk out of the moon, and threatens the Earth, what happens next? Thats right! The creature becomes the firm teacher of a bottom set Middle School class in Japan! Held by a promise, ‘Korosensei’, the creature that threatens the very existence of the planet works to craft and mould a classroom of teenage assassins with the sole aim of killing him (and passing their exams).

Featuring a plethora of J-pop talent including the unforgettable voice of Arashi’s Kazonari Ninomiya as Korosensei and Ryosuka Yamada of Hey! Say! JUMP as the unlikely hero Nagisa, Assasination Classroom is everything you’ve come to expect from both family friendly Japanese cinema as as well as any port from book to film. It’s real hindrance is a typical product of any adaptation. The speed with which the story has to progress progress and the glut of story arcs throughout don’t allow for the steady build up featured in the manga, and some of the references will be confusing and difficult to understand for the first time viewer but remain and gracious easter egg for fans of the manga. Nonetheless, the changes made work well and the film firmly stands on it’s own two feet, and I think, with a great sense of pride. The acting performances are good but not outstanding, the backstory works for the most part and I was undoubtedly left with a yearning for more, which for me, is the the sign of any good movie. Ultimately, that’s what this is, a fun and enjoyable film, and for me, that’s what makes it great. It’s not award winning, but it’s enjoyable a fun, with a good story, reasonable effects, OK acting, and brilliant characters.

Based on the manga series of the same name, Assassination Classroom is as fun and playful as it’s counter-part. Full of interesting characters, classic Japanese expression and everything that makes light hearted Japanese cinema great. This is a fantastic chillout film, with lots to enjoy, it’s nonsense personified in parts, the story is crazy and so are the characters. I think you’ll love it!

I’ll be watching again!

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