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Following an argument with his mother, a young boy takes some life lessons from a homeless crocodile puppet that scavengers through bins and makes fart gags.

This (very) short film from Matt Harris-Freeth, whose previous work includes music videos for Editors, Mystery Jets and Alkaline Trio, is perhaps aiming for the kind of bizarre black comedy sketch that Boosh-fans might appreciate. Unfortunately, it’s wildly unfunny and unfocussed. Ultimately, three minutes of fuck-all.

Matt Harris-Freeth

With over a decade of experience directing and editing music videos for a variety of well-known artists, Bristol based Matt has turned his attention to directing narrative fiction and branded content. With a keen eye for colour and composition Matt creates sleek visuals which help brands tell their story.

As well as working as a commercial and corporate film director he has experience developing a number of features.

Most recently his award-winning short Crocodile has picked up a nomination for best sort film at the Royal Television Society West Awards 2016, as well as being screened at BAFTA-Accredited Aesthetic and Oscar-qualifying Atlanta Film Festival. Another of his shorts Penalty won Best Short Film at the same RTS West Awards 2016.

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