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They call it show business, and business is what it’s all about. After the first two Despicable Me films hauled in a whopping $1,513,000 (that’s billion with a “b”), the question wasn’t if there would be a spinoff, but when and who would star. Minions is the answer to both questions. The banana-loving, weird-talkin’, strange-lookin’ villains have hit the big time with their first full-length feature film, and you can be sure it’ll make plenty of money for those in the business they call show.

The premiere and after party are set for June 27th at the Westwood Theater in Los Angeles, which has no dearth of villains to call its own. After all, this is the home of many a smarmy agent, ruthless producer and scurrilous record executive. Although there probably won’t be many Minions there, it’s likely that some of the voice-over talent and other folks associated with the film will be popping in to the after party. Of course, you can go to the show and the post-show fiesta, too, if you hustle up and buy tickets from VIP Movie Premiere Tickets. It’s easier than eating a banana, and you don’t have to worry about slipping on the peel.

Minions is basically the backstory of the cuddly yellow villains in waiting. The three breakout Minions from despicable Me set off on a trek to find the perfect master to serve, but this is no Bob Hope and Bing Crosby style road movie. They wind up at a villain convention where they attach themselves to the Overkills and the mayhem begins, all over again.

The Minions have been in the employ of some of the worst bad guys of all time, such as T-Rex (not the band), Napoleon, and Dracula. The problem is, they can’t keep their new employers because they always inadvertently kill them. After laboring for such an all time creep as Genghis Khan, they really have their work cut out for them.

Finally, they find the right boss–a sexy female villain named Scarlet Overkill. It looks to be a match made in animation heaven, but in actuality, Scarlet is on a quest to kill the Minions. That means that Kevin, Stuart and Bob have to find a way to serve their master and save the day for their fellow yellow buddies.

The voice-over actors are top notch. Sandra Bullock, everybody’s favorite Miss Congeniality and People magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive, breathes life into Scarlet. Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame, voices her husband, Herb. He’s an inventor, which leads to plenty of yuks throughout the film. Michael Keaton, fresh off his triumph with Birdman, Steve Carrell, who put in a terrific performance as John DuPont in Foxcatcher, Allison Janney and Steve Coogan are the other principal voices in the film.

Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda directed the film for Illumination pictures, which is co-produced by Janet Healy and Chris Melendadri. Brian Lynch, of Puss in Boots fame, wrote the script for Minions, so the story is sure to delight Minions fans everywhere–and probably raise a lot of loot.

If you’re among the millions who love the Minions, you have no choice but to get over to the premiere and after party. That means you’ll be heading for the best little ticket agency in the land, VIP Movie Premiere Tickets. Grab a handful of tickets for your kids and their friends and be among the first to see the Minions in their own full-length film. They’re adorable, yellow and they put the business back in show business.

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