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Following an intense holiday romance David, a love-struck Englishman, arrives in Madrid having abandoned everything back home, to live with his Spanish girlfriend Marisa. But, instead of ‘Happily Ever After’, their relationship soon turns sour and David finds himself stranded in a foreign city where he barely speaks the language, has no job and no where to live. Instead of quietly escaping back home, nursing his broken heart, he decides to immerse himself in Latin life and is forced to come to terms with what life in Spain is really like when the holiday is over.  With the help of some lively and outrageous locals David begins to get to grips with the clashes between Mars and Venus and English and Spanish cultures. Life in Madrid takes its fair share of outrageous and bizarre turns as he begins to discover that, in order to love a Spanish woman, you first have to learn to love Spain… And that can get very complicated.

Written, produced and directed by Peter Domankiewicz (who also stars as David) Tea & Sangria is inspired by his own experiences of moving to the Spanish capital. The end result – shaped with the help of the Goya-winning editor of Alejandro Amenábar’s The OthersNacho Ruiz Capillas, is a charming and funny alternative romantic comedy that reveals what can sometimes happen when real life interferes with real love.

Filmed entirely on location in Madrid, Tea & Sangria reveals the true heartbeat of a city beyond the obvious tourist haunts – an Englishman’s rough-round-the edges love letter to the Spanish capital and those who live and love there.

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