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Brits are barking mad about their four-legged friends – that’s the verdict of a new Samsung study which reveals that over half  (56%) of owners would mourn the death of their dog more than an extended family member such as an aunt, uncle or even a grandparent!

The study of 1,500 British dog owners was specially commissioned by Samsung to celebrate their sponsorship of the world’s largest dog show, Crufts 2015.  The findings reveal that pampered pooches really do rule the roost in British households; influencing important decisions, enjoying special meals and being treated as fully-fledged members of the family.

The results reveal that 66% of owners now opt to give their dogs human names. These range from everyday names such as ‘Max’ or ‘Dave’, to Hollywood and on-screen characters such as ‘Elsa’ (Frozen) ‘Dexter’ and ‘Yoda’ (Star Wars), as well as literary classics including ‘Mr Darcy’ (Pride and Prejudice) and ‘Bellatrix’ (Harry Potter). In fact traditional pet names such as ‘Rex’, ‘Snowy’ or ‘Spot’ are now deemed old fashioned.

Top 10 names

1 Dexter 19%
2 Max 17%
3 Milo 13%
4 – Elsa / Mr Darcy 11%
6 Sherlock 10%
7 Yoda 8.5 %
8 Bellatrix 8 %
9 Lola 7.5 %
10 Dave 6.5%


And with the amount of animal videos that are breaking the internet – it’s unsurprising that a quarter (24%) of owners admit that they have a social media profile for their dog, so family and friends can keep abreast of all its doggy news. One of the most prolific pups online is Maggie May, one of Andy Murray’s 2 Border Terriers, who boasts an impressive 27,300 followers on Twitter, all eager to hear of her rivalry with sibling Terrier, Rusty. But this is nothing in comparison to Boo the Dog, whose Facebook page alone has over 17 million followers!

These findings echo the fact that a whopping 85% of dog owners now consider their pet a fully-fledged member of the family, with a quarter (23%) of owners admitting that their households have more framed pictures of their pets than they do of their friends.

The average dog owner spends 13 hours a week with their beloved pet, so it’s no wonder then that 47% believe that their intuitive dogs automatically know what they’re thinking or what mood they’re in. A further 55% of those surveyed believe that some dogs are more intelligent than humans.

Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland says, “Our national affection for our four legged friends goes back centuries and it is fascinating to see how the lifestyles of our pets are evolving in tandem with ours.  It’s particularly interesting to see how we are sharing technology and involving our pets in this ever expanding element of modern life.  Samsung has proudly sponsored Crufts since 1993 so we have seen first-hand how Brits are crazy about their dogs and how pet care has evolved over the years into the luxurious state it’s in.”

Celebrating 22 years of Crufts sponsorship, Samsung is pleased to offer all pet owners the ultimate in technology, helping dogs to live better together with their human counterparts. Simply head to Samsung’s FacebookTwitter or Instagram and upload an image of a cherished moment with your dog to be in with a chance to win the Samsung Dream Doghouse and products.

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