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Tech toys just keep getting better. Here are five of the most innovative tech inventions announced in 2014.

Smart Contact Lenses

Developed by Google (is there anything the corporate giant can’t do?), these smart contact lenses can actually monitor the glucose levels of people who have diabetes. Check out these smart lenses here.

Using wireless chips and sensors no larger than pieces of glitter, a diabetes patient can check glucose levels once per second. Novartis has partnered with Google X (the division that developed Google Glass) to help people with ocular needs.

There is no release date as of yet.

Eyelock Myris

Speaking of eyes, clearly one of the most ingenious inventions that came out in 2014 is the Eyelock Myris. The gadget is used to verify your identify by taking a 20 frames-per-second video of your irises and then issuing an encrypted code for each.

It’s simple to implement: plug it into a USB port and an app is placed on your desktop. Launch the app and follow its instructions to set up your profile. You will be assigned your personal iris ID. The app will then show you how to enter information on sites you visit that require you to log in; from that moment on, all you have to do to log in is look in the Myris.

Chances of a false match are 1 in 1.5 million; only DNA is more accurate.

Identity theft is one of the highest cyber crimes in the world, and thieves are only getting better at it. While Myris is seemingly foolproof, there are companies that are there strictly for your ID protection. They provide services that Myris can’t. Lifelock, for example, has a protection system which monitors any credit changes and scans any potential threats. While Myris is definitely a ground-breaking step to protecting your identity, combining it with a protection service will make your ID almost completely un-hackable.


Invented by Consumer Physics, Inc., this clever molecular sensor is one piece of advanced technology you can benefit from, but probably don’t even know you need.

It’s easy to use. Simply hold the device in your hand and scan any item you would like to know more about. For instance, you won’t have to feel the tomatoes to see how ripe they are. Hold Scio in the palm of your hand and scan the tomato so that the gadget can tell you the chemical makeup of the tomato and and upload the information to your smartphone. Scio can do this for non-food items, as well.

Scio can be ordered on the Consumer Physics website.


Logbar, Inc., has invented a ring that does almost anything. Need to text someone? Turn down the TV? How about close the curtains? Put Ring on your index finger, touch the sensor at the side of the device and take advantage of touchless technology.

Using motion sensors, Ring can read your finger motions. The app comes with preset gestures, or you can customize your own; it can be trained to read your “air handwriting.” Use any smart device as the main hub to control wireless connections instead of Bluetooth.

Ring works on all platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google Glass and more.

Digital Nose

It seems there is a tech sensor to detect anything. Now you can add disease detection to the list. Dr. Andrew Koehl, inventor of microchip spectrometer technology, recognized its usefulness in reference to disease detection, and invented the device.

Digital Nose is a microchip sensor that retrieves a chemical that is in the air and then identifies the chemical’s composition. When a person has a disease, her breath will contain chemical compounds specific to that disease. Cancer, tuberculosis and asthma have been successfully identified by the device.

Currently Digital Nose is in commercial production at Owlstone, a company that developed the gadget in the research lab at the University of Cambridge in the U.K.

Innovative inventions in technology are creative, pioneering, cleverly devised and becoming more elaborate each year. We watch for ground-breaking technology all the time; it’s like opening a gift every time something is released that will better our quality of living.

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